Articles about the patron saint of

Part One: maternal love is the patron saint of life due to the body’s physiological disease, I was fortunate to have found long-lost maternal love, even though I have entered the fourth decade, but in front of his mother, I still feel like a child with no difference: happy, which is good to see his mother, can not help but praise mother a bit sad when upset, how to look, feel is the mother made me worry fuse, so will indiscriminate white mother a bit of criticism, and the mother of my manifestations like long taken for granted, neither angry nor anger.But that did not eliminate my anger, and have actually made me more angry, because even I sometimes very tired of myself, how can I conceived it to mother?So I will always know what to do.  If I’m not with his mother, it seems somewhat wronged me, because for the mother’s food, clothing, housing, transportation, my concern is more in place.In the eyes of all the neighbors, everyone envious mother gave birth to a dutiful, well-behaved good daughter.(Because they do not see the other side when I onset) at the same time, in my heart, and I still admire mother: my mother, although very ordinary, very ordinary, and not much culture, however, the mother gave me a good and simple heart, that in today’s society is very commendable, all three of our brothers and sisters in order to achieve what purpose does not bother to make some friends in interaction with others, it also allows us to make that true friends and reliable, this, I think in today’s society is very materialistic longitudinal flow of valuable.As the saying goes: “Blood is thicker than social.”.So I really would like to say thank you to mother.  Now, although sometimes my mother is not around, but I still miss her uncontrollable, a call to his mother every day is a required course for me, as long as they can hear the mother’s voice, my heart will ease a lot, I am afraid this is called “Motherhood” power bar!  Looking back, if not mother’s insistence, I’m afraid I now bedridden, terminally ill, and I can have today, totally inseparable from the care of his mother quietly, I thank my mother, she not only gave me life, but also taught I learned tolerance, patience.The whole world is the most extraordinary mother is the greatest mother.Mother gave me motherly love may be very simple, very ordinary, however, she gives me strength is infinite, I’ll carries motherly love this heavy, to compose my own songs of life, as my mother s return.Wish mother could hear her daughter’s voice, every day happy, this is my heartfelt blessing.    Part two: the patron saint of life “red beans grow in tropical, this material most Acacia.”Could it be, that in front of the national level to protect fruit plants, expensive medicines containing anti-cancer substances — yew Zhu Zhu green ‘ocean’ and like a bonsai Fragrant leaves, like a fire red ‘tomato’ is creative source that famous poem of it?With hazy confusion and curiosity, I went into the yew planted in the Yangtze River Delta, Jiangsu Province.First, the eye is neatly arranged like a sentinel on guard and bonsai, just like a distance, look like yew pine plantations.A breath of fresh air walking towards me, people can not tell the comfortable.Although it is shaped like a tree, but can be grown in pots.Whether it is placed in front of the living room or hall, can be regarded as a beautiful landscape —- refreshing Yi people.It is said that even in Zhongnanhai was also regarded as a “guest of honor”.  To March when the spring flowers in full bloom.That bright petals, the total time to time to attract crowds of busy bee and a pair of dancing butterflies.People can not help but think that moving Lovers Liangshan and poignant love story.  Into the summer, jewel-like red beans and islets “insert” in the branches.From afar, people do not know necessarily say that hawthorn or dates, but no longer grow up and so did not see the shape of the.It seems to be like “Fuji” or cherry come, is simply endless variations.It is said that yew are precious not only because it is the only anti-cancer medicine extracted from plant sources, or the same as the Millennium ginkgo living fossil.It is the world’s rarest plants, wild yew grown over the plateau or mountain range.Moreover, China’s Jiangsu Province is the world’s only artificial cultivation of Taxus cultivation base, this is not even the Americans want it all kind of went across the ocean.  Spring to autumn, the leaves began to red again.I do not know the fruit dyed or someone intentionally “mischief”, a piece of red everywhere, people feel like all of a sudden being in the Fragrant Hills.It turns out to be beautiful everywhere, youth often stay in the world.  He said the yew is full of treasures, is not an exaggeration.It not only can purify the air, saving lives.Can also be for human consumption, decorate their homes.I could not help but think of that snow when the police traffic that path command, Farmers who work in the fields.Waves heartfelt tribute to my heart.    Part III: Mom, mom die patron saint of my life has been a full three years, the thought of my mother kindly look, I think of her care for me.  I was between 5 to 10 years, almost every year a key winter eye disease, commonly known as stealing eye of a needle, acute purulent inflammation of the eyelid glands.It was a very nasty disease because gum and more, after a night of sleep, often blinded, have to get hot water slowly rub the eyelid.Every time this time, my mother is very anxious, she often took me to a treatment aunt there.That Aunt although no culture, earthwork can treat her eye disease is relatively unique, our local called “lights take” very efficacious.”Take the lights” is to use a red paper spill into a small sliver of butter lamps nearest the flames, burning piece of paper, then abruptly go on my swollen eyes pounce, then quickly pick it up, and quickly pounce , and so a dozen times.I was young at that time, saw the aunt, I was terribly nervous, anxious to bite her one, because it really scares me lights.This time, I was not scared to let my mother, she was the aunt to let me take a few lights on in her eyes, to prove that nothing, nothing scared.That aunt blame my mother said: “You have to spoil your child like this, I will not give up his rule.”Her words were not a joke, because relatives, treatment is free, and only once, in fact, fail to beat the mother’s warm, she took it a few eggs.Upon hearing this, my mother grabbed my body was changed, save me tamper with in the “ride lights”.I thought: would prefer not to treat, not to let people burn my eyes, I hated the two women turned out to be so cruel.Later recalled, I really thank the two “brutal” woman.I’m just the next higher net sauna, and once, a classmate of Murakami to my house to play, mention a few ancient verse, we are not very familiar with these few lines.I suddenly remembered a “Poetry 300” on the attic of my house, which is several lines express full in there.So, I hastily climb three meters from the loft ladder and look for that book.Maybe that old book, I actually use it as a jar of closure work.It was a large jar two feet high, which is filled with receiving visitors glutinous rice sugar.Pressing a bag of rice, bag of rice was three pounds heavier books.To come up with a book, I will remove the sack.But the jar on the stairs, perhaps too hard, when I moved rice, body flash, both man and turn rice under the attic.I was only fifteen years old, stands six meters, so it can not move after the fall.Mom heard ran to look, to scare profuse sweat.While she kept shouting: “My lifeblood, ah, broke it.”I look closely at the side of injury.I did not see any serious problem, her face and calmer.But soon, my mother found I could not speak, he cried, cry me: “Son, you say the word ah, you say a word, do my darling broke into dumb yet?”If the usual, I was this little man will call me mom ‘darling darling’ feel shy.However, no matter how hard I try, I can not say a word.Mom’s eyes were red, her eyes filled with tears and cries of the few times I see I was speechless, in front of a room full of people she burst into tears.Then his father went to the county to sell the pig, gathered around my loved ones next door.I like that the students committed a crime like bowed his head.Mom and my Uncle is tetra send me to discuss the big issues of the hospital, and so they were going to send money to meet good when I left, I suddenly spoke.Happy mother hugged me while gently stroked, while breaks through his tears.It also followed a long breath Shu.However, that Yishuai, although trauma can not see, but my leg bleeding the.On that occasion, a pain I can not sleep at night.Mom and shop around to find earthwork treatment of trauma.It is a prescription containing borneol and other drugs can not remember, very effective, even ten minutes the pain.  Later, I went to Nanchang to study, because of illness, returned to his home in hospital.Mom gave me a place to increase nutrition, three more than 20 days, for every day I get to three kilometers away, an addition had anything good tofu.Once, wind and rain, my mother fell, however, that full of motherly love tofu actually good.  From the beginning of 2001, I almost total annual quest for a sore throat during the winter back home.Mom knew it was inconvenient to speak, she was so much older even accompany me to the hospital several times near together, I always refuse.Mother said: “Even if you stay with my mother for a walk.”What can I say ah!  The last time my mother to accompany me to see a doctor, left her death, only three months.  It would appear that my mother really has become the patron saint of my life.    Part Four: tree behind the house is the patron saint of loquat tree I had planted, and with your fingers rough count, inadvertently, have sent a long ten seasons.Now, she has a long slim, slender figure convex, gracefully rely on wall rock back room, the blue green moss, will be that sunshine refraction, bouquets of light projected on the leaves dark green, which like lovely, and I was attracted to.  Transfer flow speed of light, they look back year.I carefully inserted the loquat tree in the earth, but also enthusiastically arrange things fertilizing watering, front of the house behind the house, back and forth too profuse sweating.Father smiled and said to me that she was not prettily ladylike, only relying on God’s little gift: twelve rain, three light, will be able to become increasingly high long.These words will be stuck in my heart, and my heart naturally more of a respect.At that time, local tree seedlings planted away from the house for some small distance, with the share of expectations, loquat tree that misty green installed gradually thick, then gradually close to my room, like a restless child, lying on my of the window, I would like to visit a secret house.  It was quite interesting, I am a crazy girl childhood, the girls did not generally well-behaved and quiet and some.Often open that window, loquat tree where a stout trunk on the pressure in the window, as if to put me naked invite gesture, I would stare at the door for a while, then climb homeopathy, hiding in the green the shadow that enveloped the space always give me a sense of security.Clawed leaves a small corner, watching his mother holding a bowl of soup, foot straight in his room, his heart will not help jumping up.This game, it has been used to avoid I do not like the face of things, it has never been “expose”, which I still think is that they did not dare to imagine the home Xiao Nizi have such courage, or they I have been in connivance.  Here, the season was to mobilize to feel the heart and soul.Spring, sprout branches eruption, blinking green and yellow winks, in a burst answered gently wind, drift with the flying green close she could hear the sound of silence pro-breathing world of all things, people could not withstand window and a strong sense of vitality; summer, the leaves grow some look like, round after round of thorough silk road between veins, put on each piece of intimacy, the whole loquat tree like an umbrella, the sun can not be found a trace of the gap, to disturb every room, like furnishings, hand touch the place, still cool; autumn is my favorite season, the whole room filled with the smell of children loquat fruit, not only can go eat a tree before going to bed two, do not even dream all with the same taste; winter, loquat tree is rarely out of the leaves of plants, but some are still reluctant to fly, it has gradually been buried in the dust, and into the fertilizer into the ground, and occasionally snow the next point , the loquat emphasis was more beautiful, I’m obsessed with this picture window.  Do not remember what year it was, folks holding the reasons openly out of here, go out into the world trying to find their own piece of the sky, the way my father packed up their bags packed in.I have a great new room, my mother to get it is very warm, very taste girl child, I liked the night, I stared at the white ceiling, but often can not sleep, quilt exudes a strange fragrance, not used to.Sometimes can not help but look out the window and imagine yourself in that old house or yard, still has its own unbridled swinging on branches.Slowly, that a loquat tree, farther and farther away from me, I can not find a reason to return to the past.Recall, only that an old house yellow walls and black tiles, there are old side window, and with a seam broke into the room through the loquat tree little mottled, set off by that deep shade, my childhood embellishment too poetic.    Part five: teacher, teacher of life of the patron saint, the patron saint of life!  Shanbengdelie, high-rise pieces, loud shrill.He arched body, with open arms tightly lying on the desk, accompanied by thunderous noise, like a hail of bricks, dust, have fallen to his head, hands, back, blood suddenly rushes out.  His teeth, desperately grabbed the desk, with their own flesh and blood to stop any disaster, like a chicken guarding the hen, the foreign dangers blocked outside their wings.He crouched under him the four surviving students, is his protection of chickens.He opened his wings and body guard for eternity.Like a tree, like standing in front of the world, and this tree is jacked up four world.  For four student life, Tan ages hesitate to gave their lives.He used his heroic feat, the interpretation of what is man’s teacher; he lives with his precious 51-year-old interpretation of morality soul of love and responsibility; his sudden disaster comes in the shape of the moment, people in the cast of a never mind the collapse of the monument – “heroes die, the spirit Chiaki!”Teacher, is the patron saint of life!  The earth was moving, flying stone tile walk, wailing sky.The original of you, always has a sunny state of mind; the original you, always so brave and resourceful, clever hearty; the original you, always with a smile in front of Han Han students; the original you, always with nice songs to regulate the atmosphere.  Teacher, I remember: you to soak cup of lemon tea I drink, I was silently calling you in my heart: my brother, you hear me?; Teacher, I remember: you trying to find me to wear shoes, then I think you’re my mom, though you are a young male teacher.Teacher, I remember: when you bring your sunglasses block swollen eyes sing our surprise, we hear you cry when you?Teacher, you put such scenes profound mind it.In fact, I wish you open your sleepy eyes, repeat doing those subtle movements ah.  Today, you will never kneel servant in ruins, his arms clutching two children, like an artful eagle.Your wings harder than steel, steel also hard because you wings, you saved your arms child.In order to save the child, your “wings” can no longer fly up; to save the children, you eagle-like wings were sawed; you regret that you took off their wings, fly to give the children.  Teacher, you are the patron saint of life.  Heavy objects fall to the ground, interspersed with sharp, bloody.Ruins, your body is broken into two parts, bloody face.But your hands still tightly hugged two students!How we broke, you can not break apart and both hands clinging to the students!  Originally you can safely leave, but there are two children that are too scared to run slowly, you turn around to go back, pulled the two children ran.But the moment heavy pressure, your first patrol in distress in the hands of their own children.  Qian teacher to you in your own life in exchange for two child’s life, you use your little flesh and blood, blocking the thick mud plate.Your feat, we will keep in mind, the Chinese people will keep in mind, the whole world will remember the last moment of your life-saving.  .Rest in peace, guardian deity of life!  In the face of sudden disaster, these souls architects, with their actions annotation of the human love.They finally fixed the monument in front of the world forever immortal, their behavior is human perfection, the best expression of Great Love.  Let the blessing of candles lit the hearts: the earthquake dead teachers, all the way!You live life guard will not let you down!