Articles about the piece of river

Part one: the mountains of the creek is not thrilling waves, you quietly flowing, did not howl Ming crack shore, you gently flowing.No vast mood, you silently flowing.No sails Jiang Sheng, you gurgle flowing.You through the lonely mountains, bypassing the steep canyon.Always in one direction.  Where you flowing Oh, the fish jumping everywhere, everywhere charming scenery, everywhere green dress.Those eyes sunken dwarf the room, arrayed on the desktop is the fragrance of the harvest.  To this ancient land of deep, blood flowing in your life.You dyed green every inch of barren hills, you activate a new life and hope.Rich, fertile land because of you, because of your trees and lush robust.Flowers are beautiful scene because of you, because of you apply the grass grow and flourish, and the birds jump of joy because of you, because of you proud beast bustle.  You recognize this land as mother, your sacred duty hidden in the heart.Protects difficult to let go of love, kindness and forged deep to the mountains.You are a loving river, day and night playing the notes of joy, you are loaded with a beautiful river, seasons full of life aroma.  In your lovely body, the dream child fishing village girl in search of hope.You flow away dead branches Grottoes, the flow is not taking the Montagnards yearning.Where you flow, there is affectionately call in response, you flow through the place, there is a happy laughter floating.You come from a combination of force and beauty, you wake up the mountains sleeping, wake up the original prehistoric.  Every place you are passing through, you won a lot of people sing.He won like a pure world, like won good hope.Ah!I was familiar with the river, you improve the people’s livelihood and environment, between man and nature melt into the music.Ah!Lovely Creek, folks in telling your story, in listening to your beautiful sadness.They’re thinking, you already know how to use value, keep in mind the high expectations of their forefathers.  Ah.Have you ever gave me happy childhood, you have given me a vision of youth.Have you ever return to my desire.Every time pass by your side, and my heart filled with endless imagination.Night fell on the manuscript, me and my poetry as you thought, thrilled for you, sing for you.    Part II: memorable piece of river-year-old that summer, my mother took me remarried to a small town, there is a stranger to my stepfather and his family, I timidly hiding in the corner, panic and looked surprised that environment.Stepfather mother had a double majesty sharp eyes, my gestures are required to achieve her norm, there is a small home, my two year old brother, but that was my grandmother’s darling, we can not enjoy the same treatment.Tasteless day so I can not find a place to release innocence, and soon, I have found a good place, it is the place where all the children are obsessed.There are clear stream behind the house bar!  My stepfather was a custom-made pair of small bucket, parents busy, I have an obligation to carry water into the river, half a bucket line, they do not cut off the water supply at home, so I’m sure the river became the place to go every day, gradually, with a deep impression of the creek, deep feelings.Open the back door, towering weeping willow and acacia greeted faint scent carried by the wind, wicker graceful, birds twitter, people coming and going on the road, look overlooking the vast expanse of farmland across the river, you can clearly see the farmers in the fields sowing, creek splashed flowing between the farmlands and the town, surrounded by half the town slowly forward, out of town confluence port and another stream, running away together.Sauna net along the less steep river bank, walked that path was firmly take, came to the river, the kind of clear and pure, people surprised eyes, physically and mentally comfortable.People on the slate clean just like the clothes, as if to wash the bonds of mortal, full of blue with clean vegetables and clothing, to the stream of people had also lifted the mind, relaxed, and the pure.I often take up half fetch water, gratefully back, and my heart is not the slightest complaint, happy to put a clean stream moved back home, if he plays a mission, seems to do what a wonderful thing how anxious people of the storm water ah!Really is the source of life, she was nourishing all things, cleaned up the dust!  Happiest summer evening, a busy day for adults, with children will be unshakeable, went to the river, moderate depth, refreshing coolness, happy children, parents drunk, play a river, all the way to laughter, plus insect gongs, birds flying, the whole town in the shadow of the sunset, a sweet and peaceful!Wash back on the street had filled with cold bed, eating dinner, followed one after another tone deaf Biao Song Choirs competition, in the years no TV’s, the town’s children live is so very wonderful childhood and youth.  Most of those happy memories in someone else’s home, the four of us surname family of five, there is too much discord, reluctant to reveal those scars.The creek is a good place for me to spend time, I listen to the crisp sound of water in there, looking up at the branches dance, overlooking the buffalo farming, no uncomfortable.Squatting stream, Dong Benxi channeling see the fish, the plants look coy, skim the water, wiping his face, and now it feels better than any brand of toner, Miya!  It can be hard to forget ah!Once Pidianpidian concernedly water, bending my spine, but fun.And partners who hid in the river, afraid to go ashore, because the pants off quietly, just to not wet clothes and bare a repeat.Once he ran across the river, prostrate in the fields, cucumber and peas to eat enough, stomach pain last a very tough battle.Once a group of students in the river shoveling manger, to sell the company to carry on a bit of money, there are horse-bit audacious students to the grass bag a big stone, had been known as the old man caught red-handed.I am the one who dreamed of the river, the people of the town for several years raising the river, now unrecognizable, universal, chemical pollution of water, plus people continue to migrate to the cities, so that town, that brook lost noisy and had a color, still missing glycol, which has been out of our sight, everything can only recall, is a dream.    Part three: in front of the creek in front of the old house there is a river, feng shui says: get causeway wall blocking the water flow away sight.Villagers to help build a wall.  The creek is still.He Liu Tucui season there will be some fish in swimming, there was the joy of picking up a child duck goose by the riverside, enjoy observing tadpoles shook his head wag crab GTA.  Village scorching June.Xieshang people borrow large gap, a group of peers from their homes and then steal the lime, fold some walnut leaves with stones and smashed the lime pit fall from the outlet, and then a group of fish floating in the water belly Yang.Cut open the belly, sprinkle some salt, ramie leaves wrapped in a fire burning ash, you can enjoy a delicious delicious.  Catch crabs will not easily let go of.The two tongs twist off, its Xing Weier adults too, and not fried in the pan, some of the companions they raw.But most of the stone base is a semicircle above the stone frame pieces, with burning firewood, In a moment they roasted yellow, crispy and delicious.Then see the drivers even crab legs and fried whole body to eat, catch a few partners Banpen crabs, which will pour red boil, just listen to the sound of ping-pong pot.Eat only a dozen middle of the night they became very sick, high fever.The doctor said to eat fried crab before you want to go to lift, clean and rinse the body before consumption.  Noon waiting in the shade.There will be a few stone turtle went on sun cover, ear Trane, a little ring will be slipped into the water and disappeared without a trace.Went as shallow water is very easy to get caught.The turtle meat to someone else to eat, have asked thousands exhorted million Chiba cover sent the turtle, turtle pound cover to supply and marketing cooperatives can sell it a few cents.Listen to the elderly said that turtle meat nourishing.A few years ago fashionable gifts sent to the leadership turtle, but that is raised pond turtle, not as nutritious wild.  Steal a bath would bring meal full fight.Several people deep pools child often drowned man.Teachers and parents often taken away in a pool playfulness is strong children’s underwear.Maozhao Yao hiding behind the tree of torment suffered mosquito bites, until dark to go home and slipped naked.  Storm, roaring river a few days to calm down the long, grim convergence her.Lake will be more than carp, giant salamander, and some do not call on the name of the fish is swimming in the river from Tao.Shallow water can only put into baskets, baskets brought fierce, five inches long can be picked up a few fish.Aunt sister needle deep water are processed using hooks, you can catch half down half the pot fish.  Cold winter, ice pit became a children’s playground, the home of the long wooden bench four legs in the air, riding three or four people to sit tied a rope to pull gallop, Xi Xiaosheng heard Jicha.  The most interesting is the river of plants, flowers splashed water into the plants leaves solidified columnar crystal.In water erosion under side to side, like a girl’s legs in ballet dancing.  Last summer stroll back home to the river, to see a few people with a hammer beating on the river stone, wearing a string of fish on the hands of the wicker.Ask to know, in recent years the river getting small, stone water are out of the water, spare nothing, hit with a hammer stone, the stone will pick off a few stun fish.  My heart burst of sorrow and grief, although not in front of the river Boats sparkling, but she added a lot of fun for my childhood, the sultry heat shield for me, chrysanthemum fragrance of the season to help me wash away the melancholy heart, this beautiful but forever fixed in childhood memories.  I am eager to return to the past in front of the river, the river gurgling, pine trees, fish playing, flocks of ducks and geese.