Articles about the poplar

Part One: poplar in front of a door that is presented in front of the rows of poplars, tall, trim, flourish.Sometimes, a gentle breeze, the wind rustling poplar echoed plays, music seems a natural, pleasant leisurely United States, magpie, cuckoo, sparrow perched on this piece of poplar trees make this piece is full of vigor vitality.  Spring water is a canal between the woods, whenever the Chunmang when they ditch flowing muddy water, farmers will pour their own water at home corn.Both sides of the canal are also free to farmers are planting vegetables on a variety of beans, tomatoes, leeks, etc., until the summer, when it seems a “small garden”, can not be said to be the full range, can be considered a lot of tricks, simple farmers who never regardless of vegetable plots of vegetables, in addition to preventing eating poultry farmers, other farmers harvesting is not stealing, the passage of time “small garden” food at home has become a rich meat dish on the table of every family.  Kushu the sun scorched earth, which seems to hold up a piece of poplar natural “shade umbrella”, the pedestrian or farmers sitting in “shade umbrella” under the shade Solutions Department, the slightest cold wind too, where the city’s air-conditioned ratio, much cooler fans, resembles a summer resort!  Pairs of lovers which takes the place of love as the “Holy Land”, which although not noisy city streets, brightly-lit building, but, shade trees, blooming flowers, and flying colorful butterfly is this love of the “holy Land” adds infinite charm.Boys and girls holding hands walking in the poplar feel this love “Holy Land” brings the happiness, handsome.   With the accelerated pace of urban and rural construction, gradually woods attract more people to tourism and leisure, morning exercise, but also for relaxing walks, more often people enjoy a quiet moment to bring poplar trees, laid-back.Part II: poplar piece.I am a frequent flyer, drift to another place from here, and from there the next stop in front of others, and finally do not know their stay, to go, to leave where is, perhaps all the same.Qiniubawai passenger sitting inside, as if to smell the strange story of travelers, have squeezed into the jumbled my sight, I gently cling to the window occupied by the dust, even the slightest attempt to seek quiet, fleeting scenery must understand style, and had hurried the horse, even the dust is too late whistling already be passing, so maybe we should have no problem, I used to think so.But I was wrong, because there was a poplar, the most mundane of poplar.Swelling of the eyes have a swelling sense of fulfillment, a finger is stupid stupid a move to be a sense of urgency, just as Love is the moment of encounter, I was in an instant piece of poplar brought back to me once Sentimental Mood for Love.When in high school, every morning before dawn to sit in the bus to school, and the bus ride home after the evening, it was time to pass quickly opened his eyes as if to shut our eyes are endless darkness, not slowly releases and spread darkness, but there are moments instantly landed redistribution of darkness, unless summer, it would be difficult to see what the scenery on the road, while the high school curriculum is closely difficult for us to have a desire to enjoy the look, so although the road most of the time I was four years back and forth every day again, I rarely remember what.  Today’s poplar let awakened my memory of that piece of poplar seven years ago, the only road that I travel companions.Every morning after that piece of poplar, is the heart and home thousands of miles away; every evening reunion piece of poplar, but it is a stone’s throw away from the heart and home.Piece poplar, you okay?  In those years my emotions are as simple as an examination progress can give me butterflies, a few token computing will make me frown, New Year’s party in New Year’s Day long before it fills me with anticipation, Physical fitness test in a few test after weeks still makes me shudder, then face fly like a kite, with the innocent air flying conversion route, but do not care about other people’s rushes, and perhaps this is the biggest youth capital.Sauna net is not when I passed you around often transform complex feelings, and I was not too subtle changes are not your income fundus was exposed, my sorrow is not a strong thick trunk of you, is I’m not happy prosperous foliage of you, it must be, it must be so.Your green enriched my thin, withered brush your sadness swept me once that has been the case.I ring you into the essence of growth, the rise and fall of your screen fills my youth, I thought we were already in the political arena, that we have already integrated.  Many times I wanted to get off to touch the tree hole in your new growth, from a run freely between the many times I want you in a lot of times I want to tell you a little secret out loud to my heart, but there is no time to stop, do not close your chance, I always just across the seemingly transparent window quietly tell you my thoughts, and even facial expressions to be deliberately concealed, lest the slightest mistake would disturb too much from the youth in this non troubles.I tried to conceal it is trying to hide something, I look forward to all the time you put me through, I can even tell me how to do.  At that time I always thought that the principal is the most vicious role, but now I know the boss is more deterrent; then I always thought the hardest ABCD is an option, but now I know a lot of times people do not give you the option; then I ignorant I do not know what love is, but now they often love the bit nervous; I have been so at that time, and now I began to like everything I always believe have been experienced so-called experience of his own overthrow, or need more strong and more shameless so in order remained calm?  I will throw myself in the past, but also a lost memories about you today was in front of this piece of poplar seems to be absent mentioned, I heard a cry from the youth, you have been heard to say without say then, always read each other after a number of years, God I like suspense or qualification dull, wake up too late?At this moment, in the memories of old friends reunited, somewhat desolately sad.  Poplar disappeared in sight, poplar precipitation in the memory, I want my youth, all my Sentimental and pure, all my sadness and bitterness, are you rolling became deeply rings, layers superposition, longer high, the longer the lush, thank you for a I remember myself and I can not go back to the era.Part Three: dream like poplar poplar, because it’s every leaf is a heart-shaped.  Last summer’s younger brother’s wife to her parents, was shocking, the whole village is in the midst of a big poplar in the.Looking ahead, see marginal.I do not know how much woods that is said to take more than one hour to go get out!  I can not help but indulge in that a green sea, the wind and leaves with a very loud voice.Think of a poem: towering pine color Millennium chi, sit listening to the waves at dusk.I have not heard of the pines, but Yangshu Tao sound in front of me has been deeply intoxicated.Like crooning from the ear, talk hazy love, like a cry from the soul, telling the life and death of dependency.  I walk alone in the poplar, the people walking aimlessly in the heart of the free flight.The soul is to seize the opportunity slip away to enjoy the peace and quiet it also went to the bar!Summer heat, far from being blocked on the outside, but also away from the hustle and bustle of my troubles.I seem to have been in heaven..The only brought me back to reality from heaven is abhorrent pair of high heels, it would not stop depressing one pit in the sand on the ground.I simply off it, barefoot, stepped on a land of cool, enjoy the joy of returning to nature.  Like poplar, because it’s every leaf is a heart-shaped.  In my life’s dream, there is a lot of poplar.  Piece of poplar should belong to me and his favorite.There, I have a lot of poplar, there are many, many heart-shaped leaves.I want him to listen to the waves poplar.When the breeze, the waves in the woods whispers: I love you!When the wind, the waves in the woods cry: life and death!In the spring, every morning I took him by the ear to wake him up and told him to accompany me to the woods together watching the glow, see the dew on the grass, breathing the fresh air of the fields together, looking at the little heart-shaped leaves together how how secretly out sharp little bud, watching the heart-shaped leaves with a small quietly grow up.Summer, after dinner, my old man, you want to do at home watching TV?Not work!I want you to come with me while walking in the woods, do not speak, I want you and I see the sunset together, watching the sun set together in the breeze, watching the twilight enveloped us a little bit.Autumn poplar should be covered in a thick layer of leaves it?Autumn leaves you sad watching it?No, my love, you should understand that although the leaves fall, they can not alone.So suspicious shaped leaves tightly hold together, they slowly melt over time, you have me, I have you, and finally dissolved soil, life after life never separated.Love, yellow autumn leaves, I will, and you slowly grow old together.However, love should not be the old bar?my lover!Winter, poplar still, just not the leaves, the sun will irradiate down from between the branches, strewn in every corner.Then there will be litter, my old man, you have to exercise good body, I want you to go with me to gather wood, because I like.Not allowed to say no, do not let you up the mountain firewood is already cheap to you, ha ha..There are winter snow, you have to hold me to see snow, let snow put together our coverage.Only the two of us between heaven and earth.Like poplar, because it’s every leaf is a heart-shaped.  Each leaf is your heart, my heart, every sound tree Tao are telling life and death.  I dream of poplar, there should be vegetable garden and garden.To the old time, and I want my family to go to dear old man flowers, vegetables.In fact, I do not really have planted vegetables, you will not engage in a mess?The old man, it is counting on you ah!If you do not get it, I’m going to carefully twist the ear ah!Plant some red tomatoes, cucumbers and green, yes, if Chi Pang, cucumber can lose it!But also plant some cabbage, zinc supplementation can prevent Alzheimer’s.Plant some celery, preventing high snow pressure.The old man, we have to live healthy and happy, love enough to die again.Love is not enough, we will live into old goblin.My old man, so you can pick your pick irrigated vegetables have to move it?You want to point oh deft movement, or I will curse you: dead old man, can you Come on!After the old, I would pretend to be sick so that you cook, you will not only strip below it fried peanuts?You said we have to do the chef, we’re going together, ah, life do we have two favorite dishes.Dish, use our own vegetable garden right!  My love, my dear old man.We have many kinds of flowers, what you like tweed?I love how you would like it?I like the flowers are very mundane.On the balcony, I planted are spider plants, aloe vera, Yushu cheap and by those living, there are many.Can not be said of flowers, the grass can only say that, because I kind of flower, there is little blossom, possibly on the balcony, little sun and rain it.Moreover, each year over the past winter, when there will be into heaven.I love the old man, in the future the flower seeds in the fields, will grow well, will open very beautiful flower, you will care for it?Also, you have to kind of a lot of roses, I want you to owe me this life, all kinds where every day you will cut a beautiful give me, give your old woman.If you find that your ground roses had been stolen, they go home to see on your nightstand, I stole it must be for you, I love the love.  I dream of poplar, I dream of vegetable and flower fields.Not too much, as long as you hold down and my dreams on it.Let us slowly grow old together, and if we die, we buried together in the poplar.The sound of wind and leaves, is what we tell each other in life and death dependency.Branches in the lingering cross the sky, is that we never betray each other’s arms.  Remembered dream piece of poplar, will not help the tears fall, and tears, you should be happy now?  Like that plant trees, because it’s every leaf is a heart-shaped.  Like that first song, because its name is “hold your hand”.  Like that one person, because there is a love, it is true.