14-year-old sales champion

Make Te Andrew since the age of seven small start selling Girl Scout cookies, its sales have reached more than 80,000 US dollars.The world’s best salespeople do not care about you call her little girl.Every day after school, she went door to door selling small cookies.After several years of training, the shy little girl character into a marketing expert, at the age of 13, she found the secret of marketing.And it all begins with a dream.Make Te Andrew’s mother is a New York restaurant waiter.Father left her mother and daughter age 8.Make Te and her mother had each other, although impoverished life, but they have a dream: to travel the world together.I work hard, good for you college.One day her mother said to her, so after you graduate college, you earn money for both of us to go around the world, please?At 13, she saw the girl from the news that a magazine Scouts, Girl Scouts selling cookies at most small winner will get a reward: two free tickets to travel around the world.So, she decided to do their best forces, trying to do the maximum that a sales.However, only a dream is not enough.Make Te Andrew know to realize this dream, but also a plan.We must do something more professional, put on uniforms.Uncle told her to do business, you have to dress like another story.When you are at 4:30 or 6:30, especially in front of people arrive on Friday evening, requesting them to buy more of your product.Whether they buy or not buy, must keep smiling, respect for customers.Also, the most important point is: Do not say let them buy your cookies, and ask them to say investment.Of course, there must be many Scouts have wanted this fight for two free tickets, there must be many scouts have their own plans.However, only Make Te Andrew insisted after school, wearing Boy Scout uniforms, ready to go from house to house asking people to invest in her dream.Hi!Hello!I have a dream, I want to use the Boy Scouts sell cookies in a small way to earn two free tickets, so my mom and I go around the world.She would stand in front of people that you are willing to buy one or two dozen small cookies Why?That year, 3526 Make Te Andrew sold small box Scouts cookies, won two free tickets to travel around the world.Since then, she sold a total of 4.20000 small box Scouts cookies also been published in the US sales conference speech, her legend was made into a Disney movie, one of the two authors she was a best-selling book, the book explains how to sell to people ditty odd, apartments, Cadillac cars, computers and everything else.Make Te is not smarter than the thousands of other young or old harbor dreams of people or more outgoing, the difference is, she discovered the secret of selling: Request constantly, unremittingly.Many people even before starting to sell has failed, the reason is that they do not have the courage to ask for what they really want.Fear of being rejected psychological cause many of us who have the opportunity ago in his first rejected – no matter what we sell.In fact, everyone is doing marketing.You are selling yourself every day – to sell to the teacher at the school, to sell to the boss in the company, to sell to people you just met.Make Te said 14-year-old, my mother was the waiter, she was in to sell the restaurant’s daily specials.The mayor and presidential votes but also in the marketing of their own eyes I saw everywhere in sales.It is part of the world to do business.The people ask to get what they really wanted it takes courage.Courage does not mean fear, but overcoming fear, stick with it.Make Te found that more later, the more you insist, the whole process will more easily, and more interesting.Once, live TV, the producer decided to use the hardest to make things difficult for her to sell.Make Te was asked to sell her little Boy Scout cookies to a live audience of.Why do you like to invest a dozen Boy Scouts of two small cookies?She asked..I do not want to buy.He said, I am a federal prison guard who.Every night, I have to settle 2000 rapist, robber, murderer row, guilty of child abuse, let them sleep quietly.Make Te quietly retorted: Sir, if you eat a little small Boy Scout cookies, you will not be so angry, it would not be so bothered.And, sir, I think if you give 2000 prisoners were small with a little Boy Scout cookies go back, then your job will be easier.Finally, prison guards who signed a check.To recommend the latest information sauna