15 years later, a “Titanic” so boring

“Titanic” 3D version came out, young people talked about, are everywhere on the Web related topics, a topic which makes my heart a little to touch a bit – – 15 years ago, and you watching “Titanic “where is the person now?Today I have aroused woman, a mother, in the bustle of work, children day, I seem to forget that he also had had a first love, forgot my network ID Ruth origin – – 15 years ago, when I the first time I saw that the Department called “Titanic” movie, I mentally named Ruth himself.At that time, there is a boy called me Ruth, and he himself is called a Jack.Yes, 15 years ago, I was his Ruth, he is my Jack.My name is Zhao Juan, he called Liu.At that time, from rural northern Jiangsu we are in the town of Shenzhen Henggang about six industrial zones a garment factory workers, who do sewing, I do trimming work, the two monthly wages add up to less than 1500 yuan.Although poor, but we loved very deeply, stroll the park free of dating, the two share an ice cream, sweet enough already.One night, the sisters with the bedroom A cloud suddenly asked you: you watched “Titanic” did not?At that time, the Hollywood blockbuster has just released, all kinds of hype we have heard, no one can be seen – this large investment called unprecedented, the fare also hit a record, in addition to pay a wealthy boyfriend A cloud, we are reluctant to spend money to go to the cinema to see.However, Ayun Xing excitedly encouraged us: hurry to see it, good read!Super shock, super touching ah!I saw the eyes were swollen from crying!For the 18-year-old was only me, this film is a great temptation, not to mention, I have never been to the cinema.So the next day, I could not help but mention this movie to Liu, Liu readily say: I have heard that this movie is very good, the weekend we went to see it!That weekend, I was full of excitement followed Liu went to the cinema Henggang, but we did not even enter the door, only to see ticket fares would invariably go back –50 yuan!A movie ticket to 50 yuan, the equivalent of a week I live on the!We have all heard your fare, I did not expect so expensive!Liu, like me, have to send home monthly pay half the remaining half, we must plan carefully in order to adhere to a month had finished.On the way back, we were silent.I am a little disappointed, some sad, Liu is apologetically the next two weeks, Liu did not come to me, I think he probably did not order the movie as something embarrassed.At the same time, a growing number of workers went to see “Titanic”, when they discussed the details of the movie excited, I can only carefully disguise their inner loss.That Saturday night, Ayun said to me: Zhao Juan, you have not to see “Titanic” it?Oh do not see may offline!I tell you, do not take you to see Liu, you kick him!Sisters laugh, my heart was very bitter Sunday noon, Liu Hao in the dormitory downstairs waiting for me.Sisters saw him, joked: Liu Hao, how could you not take your family to see Zhao Juan “Titanic” Yeah?Re not careful she was someone else to go chase!I was embarrassed, but only to Liu from his pocket two movie tickets, said: Bite your tongue, we are going to see!Zhao Juan, we went to the cinema Henggang!My pleasant surprise, asked him: how can you be willing to spend money to buy a ticket?He says simply: I help people on a couple of night, then eat breakfast a few days, the money saved.No wonder he did not come to me recently!No wonder he looked haggard!I moved and guilt, tears almost fell down.Liu joke I said: I heard that this movie is very touching, can not and will not moved to tears to see it?I smile through tears cinema, as the plot continues to unfold, I again came to tears.When Jack says you jump, I jump, I and Liu stingy clenched together; when Jack said: Listen, Ruth, you will be able to escape, to live birth many children, watching them grow up, you will enjoy their twilight years, rest in a warm bed, but not here, not tonight, not so do you understand me?Our head snuggled tears flow together in this film deepened the feelings between me and Liu Hao.To think he took me to the movies, it is tough two weeks, hungry for two weeks and I both feel bad, but also by one overflowing happiness surrounded.I could not help but secretly call him Jack – though he did not so handsome, but he is so affectionate to me, fully worthy of this title.And Liu’m glad I did call him, he said: You are my forever Ruth.That year, I am glad I fell in love and Liu is not in a dream ship eventually sank, but the hard reality in the land.But I do not think the reality is too hard, hard to let go of love can no longer Rouqingsishui.Liu said that we can not go on forever poor.He felt in a factory to earn money too slow, insisted resign, join Amway’s direct sales force.However, do not take long, he felt Amway’s direct sales made too many rules, and if I had not tried to stop, he came close to doing the MLM.Because of his work problems, both of us quarrel again.I think we can go back home to get married first, and then come back to Shenzhen to work hard; Liu can always say: I must let your sisters look good, you fancy man is a good kind of – what they said if I did not take you to see the movie, you will be someone else to go chase?I laugh and cry, I did not expect, others joke actually made him so seriously!Finally one day, we collapse, according to both – he believes that he was trying to fight me, and I became his biggest obstacle to progress.Go rather fellow or not, we finally chose to break up.My heart is full of sadness and regret.To commemorate this first love, I silently in my heart reserved for himself the name Ruth.Later, with the QQ, with MSN, with the blog, with micro-Bo, I do still use the screen name Ruth.Later, I taught accounting, Shenzhen city into a company to do the accounting, then met my now husband, had a lovely child did not think, after 15 years, “Titanic” and the 3D version.That day, I unconsciously browse the microblogging topic 15 years ago, who you see “Titanic” together, the topic of the thread message a lot, I suddenly saw a message ID named Jack, who unlike others as I said, with my high school classmates together I was with my ex-girlfriend watching, he said: I was watching with my Ruth’s.Before the movie, she would not let Ruth; after watching the film, she called his Ruth, call me Jack.My name has been used as a screen name today, I do not know today is not she also called Ruth?See here, I just feel like rapid heartbeat.My trembling hands into his point of micro-Bo, see the picture on the head – is not that what you Liu Hao!Although today he has fat, facial features, but also with a persistent year, I knew him at a glance.I quickly browse his microblogging, he was still in Shenzhen, he was already married, is the father of a little boy two years old, he opened a small stationery shop I open QQ music, listen to the first TV drama familiar “My Heart Will Go On” , memories waves coming: When I watch movies to please, he had hungry for two weeks, presumably he certainly has not done so I kept thinking as his wife, I Yankuangshirun.I know, “Titanic” 3D version has a publicity stunt: Please 15 years ago, he (she) re-read through the movie.I could not help but think that if a movie with him to see it again, that feeling would not be very nice?To recommend the latest information sauna