16 years of the most precious of maternal love

That year, she was 60 years old, gray hair, wrinkles all over, but can not afford the original is not straight healthy waist.She has been alone on that old street life for several years.We live in the middle of the street in a small house.It is the aging of existing homes, walls mottled.The house, a few simple bed, the only luxury goods, is an old-fashioned electric fan.Does not seem to children and other relatives, all these years, no one ever came to see her.She lives on welfare government, life is very short of money, to take the early market to buy cheap vegetables every day, do their own food.Steamed buns or rolling pin strip, for many days to eat a meal of meat – is precisely this kind of life she became extremely old.But alive, so too must the day, in addition to silence waiting for the end of the day come to life.That year, he was 24 years old, came to this city, came to this ancient street, the streets take up a simple bicycle repair shed, with the key cater to small business.This is his only skill, to make a living.He is also a man, looked homeless is a person from birth, grew up in an orphanage, read the book a few years, teens began a man, rushing for survival.Finally this spring, settled in this town.That shed during the day for a living, is home at night.Only in this way the old street management was a little more lenient, allowing him to have this confusion foothold.Every morning, he will play very early to do business.Such a small business, can not rely on anything else, thanks to the hard work.So often see her on that day a little brighter days hobbled pace to the end of the street the morning market to buy food for the elderly.Sometimes he would say hello and elderly: lady, bumpy, wait a minute point ah.The elderly not very talkative, sometimes to be heard, sometimes not, just take her down the road.That street people know that her character a bit strange, saw no one did not talk.He smiled and made his living, but also subconsciously looked up, looked at the old man’s footsteps gradually gone.After some time, he told the old man would cry every morning.If just rained, when the old man passed by, he would have been the old man to the morning market where.Old man has been not talk much, but his help, but does not reject.Then one morning, leaving the old man hobbled to the basket in front of his shack, without saying a word, put down the basket and left.He opened the lid of the basket on top of the cloth, he saw a bowl of hot egg noodles and a green spinach.He’s a warm heart.Over the years, he has never eaten at home to do so simple but delicious warm meals.Over the years, the days are too mixed up, hunger meal full meal, he had been accustomed to.And that morning, steaming bowl of egg noodles so that he suddenly felt the warmth of his own earthly ever missing.After dinner, he washed dishes, thought, bought several kilograms of apples put into the basket to send back to the elderly.After that, he did occasionally eat hot meals for the elderly, the elderly often send some things in the past.Already know the living conditions of the elderly, in addition to a number of houses, not much better than him.Perhaps the same boat, he felt very close to the elderly.And the old man to him, there is also a mother’s love.Although she always did not talk much.That morning, he woke up early as usual, open shed, surprised to find that old man down in front of his shack groaned.Under a heavy rain the night before, this should not have street level, as long as there will be rain water.The old man’s eyes already not very good, so I did not notice the accumulation of a water pit fall.He rushed up to help the elderly, help to shed their own, asking where she falls the elderly could not say, just keep moaning.He could not delay, will ride his tricycle old man to the hospital for tests.Unfortunately, the old broken leg.After marked with plywood, the doctor said, even for a few months.Temporarily can not stand up and walk.A few days later, he used his own money to save for a better day for the elderly to pay the hospital bills, then the old man sent home, he said to the old man: lady, possessor of you peace of mind, I’ll take care of you.What old people say something, but did not say, looking at him, cloudy eyes suddenly fills with tears.He says it will do, during the day while he is busy busy living their own care for the elderly.Three meals a day, he would always spend thrifty in the past to send a small restaurant to do, serve the elderly eat.Then pack up at night, the old man asleep placed only go so, after three months, the old man recovered.Since then, start taking care of elderly people from his life, three meals a day, changing the pattern to do delicious, he also enjoyable to eat on time.Never through the dirty clothes covered with oil.All the clothes, the elderly have to help him wash clean, and even work gloves also gave him two days to wash once.Finally, 66 years old birthday, wearing a bright fresh new clothes he bought, said: children, if you do not mind, after you called my mom right.He paused for a long time only then that word called exit, voice trembling shouted mother, 180 centimeters tall guy even shed many tears.After that, they became a mother, a pair of mother and son had each other.He loved the old man, warm and delicate; he was caring for the elderly, thoroughness.Three years later, he married a girl as his wife is not good legs and feet.A year later gave birth to a healthy cute boy.His wife is very good, and he, like caring for the elderly.A family of four, three generations living under one roof, creating a barren life they have to be happy.And so they lived together for 16 years.16 years later, the 82-year-old still in good health, but in one night out of an accident.That night, the old man in the street in the shade, the accident was a rushing car hit.The driver drank a lot, the car first hit the elderly, then hit the wall.He will be the old man to the hospital, died.After the grief, he organized a funeral for the elderly, in the name of his son.After the completion of traffic accidents, the driver in addition to criminal liability, also incidentally a civil compensation of $ 180,000.Naturally, the money given to him on hands.But, the money he has not figured out how to handle received a court summons.Prosecute him, he is the old man’s two sons, to inherit them, including the 18 million and $ heritage house, including all the elderly.He was extremely surprised, lived 16 years together, the old man had never spoken of her son, and two sons.She has told him that she was widowed person.But true, that he had never seen the two men, is indeed the son of the elderly.But many years ago, they will not have any income not feeling good mother abandoned.Until the old man died, to know the existence of this compensation after they appeared only in the name of the heir to obtain.On the court, the two men spoke at length impassioned.He was always silent, until after they had finished, he stood up and said slowly, I do not want anything, money and a house, all of it to them.Including judges, all those present were shocked, despite the relentless law, but he really can ask, people filled the street almost to fight for him.They watched him.He looked extremely calm, looked somewhat stunned that the same two men a say, because the mother has given me the most precious.That is love, love is the mother of 16-year life.Then he turned and went out.Behind him, two men deeply lowered his head.