Small river is home to a school of fish and shrimp, we get along very harmonious.Unexpectedly, a fall in the morning, there is a pride of crab, dressed in armor, with weapons, careened over, it looks really very proud.It all day bully small animals, because he has a pair of big pliers, is to go sideways, looks really overbearing!Once, a shrimp from its side after it tongs to lift demonstrations, shrimp pair of pinch off its feet immediately.Fortunately, shrimp feet can be born again, or we become crippled.Another time, there are only mussel [BANG] on the river, is a step in the shift to walk carefully, crabs will triumphantly knocked down the mussel.Fortunately, there are two hard shell mussel unharmed.On another occasion, crabs see the cave where there is a snail old, in order to clamp it pliers vain, vain in order to hit it hit, it successively blown blisters burst to swear.Old snail very smart, put a lid shell, have reason to ignore it.Crab saw the water all animals are afraid of him, the more conceited, thought up the land act violently.What to know it just out of the water, when the first step on the land, he was grabbed fisherman, put it off in baskets.The baskets into the crab, shrimp to deal first with the method, the baskets and forceps desperately.But very sturdy baskets, pliers for a long time, it is not broken.It then deal with mussel way on foot with baskets effort to rattling, the result knocked the toe hurt, and no damage or baskets.Later, crabs run out of strength, wearily put away eight feet long, crouched beneath the baskets.Eyes Gulu Lu kept turning, it is as if nothing nefarious plan was thinking.A little while, crab fisherman brought back home, the baskets open, he would only crab Zhuoqi to have a look, smiled and said: “ah!It is a female of.”Crab heard that call it is ‘crazy’, and immediately blowing bubbles, the way to deal with the snail to deal with fisherman.But the crab fisherman simply ignore every move, he would only go into the pot crab.Crab into the pot, thinking back to the river to go, and they can act violently up.What to know water and slowly heat up, less than fifty-six minutes, only the pride of crab could not move.Moral of the story: “Modesty helps one go forward, whereas conceit makes one lag behind” this saying we must be very familiar with it!It is so often fail is that pride and complacency.Achieved good progress in work and study, it is to be happy and celebrate.But it was often triumphant, self-righteousness, look down on people, other people’s advice fell on deaf ears.In this way, you get to help others, they may be lagging behind, until the fall.Instead, you have not proud accomplishments, humbly learn from the others, we will continue to progress, continued success.