What constellation is January 1

The constellation born on January 1 is Capricorn, and the birth date of Capricorn is 22 years old in twelve and 19 years old in January.. Capricorn, also known as Capricornus, is the earth sign and is located in the tenth sign of the zodiac. Saturn is the dominant star.. People with the sun in Capricorn, like generals, can take on great responsibilities, pursue difficult ideals, like to control the overall situation, and are good at independently realizing the ideals in their hearts..   Capricorn is the most patient, cautious and kind constellation of the twelve constellations.. Capricorn is a person who is very practical, endurable, determined, has a strong sense of time, attaches great importance to authority and reputation, has good organizational and leadership skills, and is worth relying on.. They are down-to-earth in their work, precise in personality, strong in sense of responsibility and stubborn. They will not let go until they reach their goals..   Capricorn is earnest and pragmatic, down-to-earth, low-key and diligent, has a goal, and often tries hard to surpass those who run in front without saying a word. He will not be lucky.. Good at making plans and implementing them step by step. All things are fair and reasonable, and the handling of affairs can be handled smoothly. be faithful to husband till death makes people feel at ease.. Capricorn is calm, thoughtful, kind, broad-minded, ambitious, pursuing success in a down-to-earth way, and believes in the belief that if you give, you will get something back.. One step at a time, you can stick to it even if you encounter setbacks. tenacious perseverance and endurance are the only way for Capricorn to succeed..   Influenced by Saturn, Capricorn sometimes appears insecure, difficult to communicate and indifferent. Their endurance is also surprisingly strong and they will be very diligent at the same time.. They are always burdened with a lot of sense of responsibility in their hearts, but they are often insecure and do not trust others completely.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.