, And she said a few words of Cai Xiaoli Fortunately, cake shop “work.

  Bai Qingqing actually did not expect to see her here, but Cai Xiaoli Bai Qingqing will not know the audience is watching his dimly lit office.
  At the first meeting, they are the same bakery employees, meet again, she is still the original identity, Bai Qingqing has long this is different from the past.
  Happy time is always short, this is a celebration will soon be off the screen, Su Jing in three Secret Service protection, and Bai Qingqing, Zhang Nian they got to sit.
  Fans at this time even if we have worth of sadness, only waved her goodbye, looking forward to the next time they meet again.
  Way to the airport, Su Jing-out wear headphones, eyebrows look out the window.
  Touching melodious song coming from the headphones, the Soviet mirror ears gently tell a story.
  Unconsciously follow the melody croon out loud, obviously the first person can soothe feelings of slow songs, sitting beside the mirror Su Bai Qingqing was suddenly bright eyes Dengyuan.
  ”Boss, you sing what song ah, blame nice.”Bai Qingqing sip Min Chun, brow Qingcu, the tone was still calm, reveals a little puzzled.
  Su Jing, raising his hand on the right ear headphones picked off, put on for her in Bai Qingqing’s stunned, the “song called” mirror Girl “.”