He pulled past: “followed by the third brother to go have meat to eat!”

Okay, it would go along with third brother.
Cheng Zhao Xue exquisite Tang Tang at the same table, there are two groups of next door, Jiang Yao did not remember the name, it would not remember it, people will not be lost on the line.
Each group a map, then called, we freely.It saw a few girls at the ticket gate when there are so and so who now explain where filming on signs, pointing to the map a few people were clamoring to go there.
“You go, we were no comments, along with you, are not a random walk on the line.”
Tang Tang is also no opinion, with Jiang Yao walked side by side in a few naughty girls behind, takes a bird twitter.
“You do not have opinions, right?Do you want to go and see performances?Ten o’clock next to a horse show.To see if I talk with them about?”Jiang Yao thought for a long time still have to take care of eight small ideas, but also asked him to ask.
Tang Tang shook his head, looking around at each other, I saw the same side of a building built like an ancient palace, the square in front of the whole crew is fenced, which are all dressed in costume costumes actor.Great silence, a huge radio microphone support in speech