Says it will do, Yu Ze had a shopping cart ingredients are all cleared out.

  Donna looked on helplessly shopping cart imports of bovine meat from her shoulder away, hold her own remaining candy box, staring angrily Yu Ze, he tells she felt invisible.
  At the time of passing the discount zone, Yu Chak bought a Floss kimbap, Donna stretched out hands to pick up packages of tuna sushi, straight forward walk around the shopping cart.
  Donna so forgot the scientific name of the food, shouting: “My meter Tuotuo!”
  Shopping Cart still went forward without pause.
  Donna turned and glared angrily Yu Ze, who does not lift the eyelids, said coldly: “cow shoulder meat and lollipops, choose a.”
  Really against the days, would dare threaten bloody witch!
  This is not the choice of sugar and meat, and this is dignity!
  Donna said angrily: “lollipop!”
  Yu Ze sneer: “Well, you eat dinner right lollipop.”
  Not until the last checkout, Yu Ze really do not buy food for her dinner.
  Originally relaxed and happy line supermarket, because a box of lollipops become oppressive.
  Yuze Sheng gas Donna, Donna also angry with him, after returning home, he did not speak.
  Tang Dynasty