Lengleleng maid, but do not ask TIPS word, she shouted down, the good “Miss Zhen.”

“Ah, hello,” Ann Zhen indifferent nod, Tongshen momentum with a surge of cold.

Shen Zhen Dong Ming looked at this piece of calm from Ann Northrop appearance, it touches on some points of interest nod, the child not the slightest emotional flawless first arrived in strange places, looking so calm, there is no point pretending to be calm look, Unlike psychological strong girl ah.

The three of them entered the door, Ann Zhen will be keen aware upstairs sight, she looked up, he saw a face with unhappy girl.

Stairs stood a girl dressed in white silk nightgown, she looked about the same age and Ann Zhen, but unlike Ann Zhen slender physique, more rounded figure girl upstairs, her delicate facial features It looks very cute, but her wrinkled brow and a pair of almond-shaped eyes, the undisguised contempt of color, she had behaved appearance more than seven hostility.After her line of sight of the Ann Zhen, the disgust of the opening: “Mom, this wearing tattered Who?”

“Sissy,” Liu Fu Lin slight frown, “your manners na?How can so to speak?”

“I politely how the?I