Pink Si Wuwu accommodating the group replies, completely ignoring the existence of Tang Junsheng, saying: “My brother played the Wei Jie?Gee, too appropriate!This is the best in the world look beautiful boy!”

Tang Junsheng crouched on a stone, a little depressed.Cen late accustomed to his cold appearance, he looked at his profile, thinking: “This is also very close look at his handsome, really good people phrenology is dipping.”

After Cen night did not say itself as seen from the Tang Junsheng film, he became his half-acting powder, his attitude natural or a lot.However, Tang Junsheng is about to top out unyielding traffic, there are some subtle contradiction of late Cen.

Two people side by side for a moment, each brush down the phone, another is a very much in mind the other party was unable to get in a word appearance.

Cen moment later stood up and said: “I want filming to go, you go back early.”

Tang Junsheng watched him go, finally relieved.Moment the crew pulled a ticket to play extras in crowd Wei Jie big girl and little daughter.Wei Jie car sitting in the street after a group of screaming girls rushed to hand in hand surrounded his car, rushed to see the masterpiece handsome man who looks.Others put a lot of fruit, flowers and stuffed into his car, and the scene than it is now even fanatical groupies.

Cen Wei Jie played the night ends