, Miss Lin for coming, really graced ah!”

  Lin Yueyao an elegant dress walked into the clubhouse and sat down, smiling and greeting you bigwigs, Mo Yu heart is smiling Introduction.
  ”Yue Yao, this is my friend, leaves white.”
  White leaves gently lifted her eyes, and Lin Yueyao lightly on the TV.
  ”Hello, my name is Ye White.”
  March missing the reunion, as if across a century in general, dramatic scene took place in front of two should not intersect another person in this reunion.
  At the moment, time seems to freeze at this moment.

Chapter 18 Yueyao birthday (c)

  Once again see the leaves white, all kinds of thoughts in my mind, Lin Yueyao eyes blink several times, his face an unparalleled.
  Why see you here?
  After the breakup, the two have never contacted, Lin Yueyao think this life might not have the opportunity to meet and leaves a white, at most leaf white can see her on TV.
  can.Just such a special occasion, her birthday party, actually once again see the leaves white, this feeling really let Lin Yueyao heart, like a spilled bottle flavors mixed in general, extremely complex.
  ”you.Hello there.”