, It seems that every minute can kill.

Jiang Chu flew scared little Jizhuo Mi nodded: “I understand!I understand!”
Cold air pressure of Yao Ji This little flat a lot, big hands touched her head, something of a bully, but conceal hidden spoiled, whispered: “How do you want good, only that I do not do angry thing, because the consequences of something, even I can not bear to.”
Jiang Chu swallowed: “That, that is what makes you angry thing ”
Yao Ji smile a little chilly feeling: “For example, such a thing tonight.”
Jiang Chu covered with a shiver, though this time in front of me Shashen scary, but added Jiang Chu is still fighting back legs, could not help but want to say one more thing: “I want to do, you should have no control over it?”
Yao Ji approached her, chilly and said: “Do you think, I have no control?”
Jiang Chu regret every minute, fans want their own mouth!This sharp wind waves mouth when he also provoke why?Immediately head shaking a rattle-like: “tube wear, tube wear!”
Yao Ji pinched her chin, forcing