A return to the city, already the next day afternoon.

  From the train station, a shopping spree to play two cars, side Komidori not hungry, eat on the train that what has long been digested, with her twittering while Su Yuan discuss where to go to eat, I do not know what to see , her first meal, then exclaimed aloud: “look, that is not the season Anya ah.”
  Su Yuanshun the party Komidori gaze, to see the season Anya was surrounded by fans, whether it is required to be signed or photo, season Anya is very fit, his face is always wearing a warm smile.
  Opposite the train station is the airport, Su Yuan guess Anya season should be just off the plane.Anya child star debut season, the National degrees out there, there are a lot of fans are diehard powder.
  ”Anya is the season eh, so thin, it’s beautiful, real beautiful than on TV.”
  ”Aoao wailing, her fans really happy when you see what she hugged fans.”
  ”I want to turn powder road, did not think so privately season Anya approachable, nothing like the stars of the fans indifferent to it.”
  Some passers-side pick up the phone, take pictures or have in front of Anya season shoot video, Fang Xiao Cui also jumped up excitedly, either across the road, square Komidori may also rush to sign.
  Su Yuan Fu the