The scene of a large number of fans screaming.

  Sheng Joe standing not far from a tall girl, whenever a star admission, will be holding the camera Kuangpai meal, watch the professional posture and machinery, will no doubt take on behalf of.
  On behalf of the sub-station shoot some stars spend money on people who can not catch the front line when sister station, will buy from drawing on behalf of the clap.
  Sheng Joe approached, patting her shoulder, politely said: “Hello.”
  Girls looked up and saw she was surprised, Joe Sheng smile: “Just watch your posture making plans very professional, you take on behalf of sister station?”
  Frontline Generation beat all accustomed to seeing the star, now being accosted Sheng Joe, the girls did not lose deportment, nodded, and asked her: “What do you do?”
  ”I will soon admission, can you please give me a moment to shoot it sets the red carpet map?Price can give you twice the standard line count.”
  When the girls for so long on behalf of front-line shot, which the artist has never met the requirements mentioned initiative.However, there is money of course she will not refuse, readily agreed.
  Sheng Joe left his fan club president of the QQ, a lot of the deposit paid five hundred.
  Even the girls could not help but said: “You’re not afraid I took the money and left ah?”
  Sheng Qiao washed her wink: “long-term cooperation, consider.”
  Although she is a professional, but you can not give yourself making plans, and now various data better, of course, the individual sub-station can not fall, there is a long