Expect a rush of his nose, face turned hard, frosty restored to the way he cold channel: “I’m fine..”

  ”You can not be careless people bleed!”Cloud said Yung almost adult family quickly hold back, Terran weak, a little spot of blood flow are likely to lose their lives, whatever the outcome, his boss, she could not sit idly by.
  With this intention, cloud capacity quickly approached land Hok, near his nose looked, thinking not just in the clubhouse when it punched internal injuries.
  Yun Yung this close to land Hok just feel all faint floral nose, nosebleed flow for a time worse than ever.
  Lu Hok whole face was almost lost nuggets, and he quickly step back, cold channel: “I’m fine.!I’m leaving.”
  This handkerchief with blood, and not things?
  Yun Yung worry about watching the boss, that evil spirits ridden than she thought it would be weak ah, that if suddenly the nether Soul, her thirty thousand a month’s wages can work how to do?
  ”I heard this grass does a body good, you get back to Bubu body.”In order to work, I feel that they can not do nothing about cloud capacity, quickly catch up, pulled out a thick arm ginseng into the hands of children Road land crane year.
  Lu Hock Nien has never been so humiliated in her hand, she was stuffed an anti-ginseng did not