Son also went out and got a night ah.”

  Here, everyone seems to have suddenly remembered something, shoot straight to the case of Yu Zhou looked over there.
  She also knew that people look at what your hands and shook his head: “footprint to half suddenly disappeared, and I was looking for a while, I did not find, on the back.”
  Hear her words, Wang Dayan’s eyes could not help but dim down.
  The weather, Han Fei wonderful and fragile, she was a person.Nor knowledge can not wait for rescue.
  ”Zhou sister, you take a break, what do we.”Wang Dayan was going to say,” one will say, “but if not finished and was rushed to the Yang Lan interrupted.
  I saw Yang Lan hate to see the case of Yu Zhou, a fight will almost.
  ”Yang Lan, you’re crazy!”Wang Dayan tried to look at her hands, quickly get in the middle of the two.
  Zhou Zheng Qu also react, the waiter pulled her behind.
  Yang Lan on this excitement, both look over her so suddenly more excited, pointing to the man standing behind Wang Dayan, shaking for a long time, then finally shouted out: “She is, in our experience is haunted her the day before!Philippines yesterday said she was wonderful and I do not, I do not believe, you see now!We are all of a piece, only she is an outsider!”
  Yang Lan Speaking later, a few