What a game room, what do you think?”

  Red beans are Zhongchu Hong Li Xuan recently to take maiden name, we can only call him a man.”Once a Thief” like a spirit in the woman is his favorite red beans that year, but after that Zhongchu Hong turned to retire from public life, say goodbye to the film become someone else’s wife.Now this beautiful woman has their own arms, pleasant child.
  ”Ah, you can do it?Daddy I just opened a clothing store, do not understand gaming machines!Besides, I just saw it, game room personnel inside the complex, easy to get into trouble!”Zhongchu Hong thought, or gave up, shaking his head.
  ”You can rest assured, everything all to me!Cao that, although he was up the boss, but a month will not go to the game room a few times, and today I went there specifically about his meeting!”
  Li Xuan while playing the hand Zhongchu Hong, while explained, “game room coming and going, Lanzi focus is more complicated, but as long to find a powerful header heavyweights to help the Air field on the line.As long as the number of pay monthly outlaw, they will be responsible for all the problems get!As long as your dad money to invest, then you can wait for the money at home, it does not matter not to the game room!”
  ”I have had such a good thing, why do not own those community chiefs directly open game room, and why there have someone cents!”Zhongchu Hong also some doubts.
  Li Xuan do not pay attention while she was playing a bit hand on her forehead.When Zhongchu Hong want revenge but that he tightly grasped in his arms, her lips next to Ling-Ling carved ears, gently blowing hot air: “Do you think the community is very rich big brother all right?They have a large group of small men