Or spur of the moment, the tension of it, to say the usual bells and a piece of his time, nor is it today so.She and others also get along together Jen, is a warm and thoughtful, but today he and his family, because he was nervous, did some inappropriate.However, the baby is not also have reason not to provoke a point?Campanula words had a bad one point the meaning of the baby is also given to the nine points of aggravated.

  This child is high-handed, shield their mistakes, see no other good they say that these families.
  Chen Jiayong pat wind chimes, “all right, take it easy, you just think too much.”Too much of his analysis of the family.His family did the outsider is very complex, but the relationship is simple, never any marital situation derailment bastard like, three family who are very very honest good people, so many years no red face always bustling and the US United States of.However, this does not talk Campanula familiar, even the children in the compound, there are a lot of people feel that their home is false, in fact, the day was staged opera house fighting.
  Complex family is likely to cause great psychological pressure to woman.Chen Jiayong usually watch the news much, because the working relationship, to see social news a lot, a lot of women are married and her husband have a lot of contradictions, law relationship friends, aunts relations, unfair laws, patriarchal, men and women of light weight, etc..His family population, to wind chimes, it is certainly more pressure.
  She is probably in a lot of outsiders there to inquire about his family