Double sharp line of sight, to be honest mouth also turned a bend: “Miss Mu, the total process is to go home and rest it.”

  Mu child star will believe there is a ghost.
  The driver apparently did not know, son Mu magnitude car at the crossroads: “Do not go to a hotel, where Xu Luo is now off, I want to see.”
  Cheng dual doubt the sound of the front seat autumn Li also turned his head, Mu child star knew she was right, and concentrate on the process to cope with the double: “No it?”
  A two-Cheng hesitate with: “not impossible.But hey, you see what she does?”
  Prison there has been arranged, if the stars go along, you know that she did not intend to go home and rest from start to finish.
  This critical juncture, Xu Luo police have been under criminal detention, Cheng dual-how may be afloat at home.
  ”She hurt you like this, I’ll see if she will not do it?”Mu asked the child star.
  Cheng dual set for a moment: “.Do not dress the hotel design?”
  Renzhao Xiao Mu child star.
  She is simply too unusual this questioning.If there is no transmission of the disease, how it could double Cheng urged her to go to the hotel to catch on design wedding dress.
  A few days ago she wanted to nine to five when someone Pro out in front of her and hold her desperately, to pull a lot of mess.
  What says she grew so smooth, you want to be able to get the hand, grow up