I know, I did not have time to report.”Chakun finished, helpless sigh:” Even if I can how to report?You should be very clear, we Siam country’s national strength and beauty empire can not compete even know, can only open one eye closed, not because of this kind of thing backfire.”

  Chen diving this is also very helpless, Chakun telling the truth.
  Siam country’s national strength far less than the US empire, even if one knows what secrets will swallow in the stomach.
  State power is a country on the world stage to speak of capital, if state power is not strong enough, it means that there is no right to speak.
  Countries do not have the right to speak is very frustrating.
  Chen diving now know that these have no meaning, things have happened too long.
  Soon the car stopped at the downstairs Chakun residence, Chakun get off diving with Chen came to the place where he lived.
  Here is Gokseong to his scheduled a two-bedroom, the room is still very good, there are some things that all.
  Chen after diving into the room, straight to the point and asked: “He gave you the drugs you are placed where?”
  Chakun Somewhat taken aback, really, he has long been addicted to drugs, face to face thing now, he would be hesitant it is normal.
  ”If even you do not believe in yourself, that