k, face little , almost completely obscured in it, which he did yesterday confirmed Lim child relationship.

  ”Who is she!”Just also hostile to each other the two women suddenly reached a unified, unanimously.
  ”She is.”Li Haoran some panic, he never wanted these women to meet it!
  ”Why do you?”Another girl came in, the other face forceful, oblique accusations,” Do not be someone else’s boyfriend around the outside, fox odor ten meters can smell.”She was forced to put aside other people’s hand holding Li Haoran, pull up, this is Li Haoran friend’s sister, a female fitness instructor.
  - Shur广州桑拿网a field, which is really fix games!Passers-by have been in an uproar, there are many cell phone held high, while shooting side whispering.
  ”Luxury car yet!This car is more than forty million, it is estimated worth of money the owner!”
  ”one two three four.I will not be there?Cattle, real cow!”
  ”I think how this person very familiar yet?Where seen it?”
  Li Haoran a bit uncomfortable, now come, may not all, he still has so few “regional” confidante, no regrets waiting for him, such as his company’s secretary, childhood home of sister..Case was exposed, I am afraid that something bad will happen!
  ”Well, silly, first on the bus, on the train say!”Li Haoran embarrassed to open the door, fortress people on the bus, this suddenly react today to install the Han, he opened a two-seat sports car, he looked a week at this time there are four people on the battlefield, how to how this four people stuffed into a sports car in it?
  A car door, something bigger, female fitness instructor sneer: “You say, those who want to send roses?Say it!”Her face was wroth, not necessarily to get an answer.
  ”Oh, definitely gave me, do or give your?”Sneer female ancho北京夜网r.
  ”It would be hard to say, awe-inspiring definitely bought me.”Mayor daughter snorted and stood at opposite cars will be children, tears almost came down the.
  After obtaining God ho system, Li Haoran life can be described as smooth sailing