, I never thought he would encounter such embarrassing questions, God Hao system taught him a most sincere truth – as long as the money, nothing can not be resolved, his money北京桑拿.

  He is busy raising voice: “Can you delete the video shoot, do not upload, give me a two-dimensional code, I am a person to ten thousand yuan!”Anyway, he has returned to get the money, not afraid.
  But he did not expect that money can lead to confusion, heard the money, here finally is a complete mess, and everyone rushed forward to hold high the phone, how to get the job had to put the million, he packed a look dishes, good hair, clothes become tidied the mess: “we do not worry, there!We have!”
  Several girls also gave up a fight this time, squeezed together, the crowd, the mask fell off long ago, if it is female anchor and Lim child is not in the limelight, I am afraid this is another confusion.
  Pei Naochun stood in my heart the United States was not, he sent did not get a bucket of popcorn in the next, watching the show, would also like to applaud it, win his favor, his daughter doing science education: “peaches, you see dad did wrong, right?Such a man, no good!Gee, you look, how there are so macho jerk, these are the four!Chances are he two wives are to scrape together a football team, at home, put a football field, who scored 北京风月网more than who favored.”He tried to discredit.
  ”Also, I see the last head girl especially familiar, not that we look at the party girl singing yesterday that it?You look, which sing a song of it, they hooked up, let alone anything else.”He shook his head,” This man, slag!I do not want him, slowly election.”What did he think, carefully watching her daughter, her daughter is afraid of each other on the heart, but see this is a really a go in the fall, it may be finished!
  Tao Pei also just follow the mouth open, like to see what the social news site, the taste of the heart under some complicated, she normally comes with the isolation of buff, rarely pursued, but it i