s such a person, but.Her side head, careful to see my father’s face, can only laugh.

  Her father really is.
  ”go home?”Pei Peach opening.
  ”Ok, I do not see him, go home!”Pei Naochun very attentive, he opened a small truck purchase vehicles used to, and he has just parked too far away,” you mom, cook a meal for yo杭州桑拿u tonight!”
  Pei peach accompanied his father to go, no place to glimpse the chaos, her voice floating: “Dad, this is your doing it?”
  Pei Naochun body of a stiff, fast response, embarrassed laugh twice: “how can I do this?How can this ability Yeah dad!Haha, kidding it!”
  ”is it?”Pei Dad tight peach in the eyes, smiled down,” bu深圳桑拿网t my father knew so many people, so much, for example, one thousand uncle, should not mind it help dad?”Gambling network until now still shine, even halfway diverted, helped crack down on crime, she and her mother put a few back, to ask one thousand uncle to dinner, my father read to them chat logs, thousands uncle refused.
  Not being completely see through, Pei Naochun a little relieved, but still very nervous: “Dad how would people do this!Dad absolutely support our peaches, peach east, west and Dad definitely not!”He offerings to ensure, resounding,” This man is polygamous, self-inflicted!”
  ”Well do -” Pei Tao prolonged the voice, “That too clever.”She did not believe it coincidence!Li Haoran stupid, not specifically about the sister who come together?Also happens in front of the company, this time, in addition to their o南宁夜网wn candidates crime Dad, no one else.
  only.She did not intend to expose, Who her father is so nervous it?Pei peach heart sigh, her chances in this lifeTo become three or four-year-old married woman was slightly.
  ”It is a coincidence!”Pei Naochun nod as Daosuan, very sure, with her daughter on the train home to open.
  Pei peach am wrong, this thing from start to finish is dry Naochun Pei, who in the name of Li Haoran, a series about a couple who meet in the afternoon, also made up a legitimate reason, said he to