day to talk about the contract, before and after work can talk about good, dignitaries to the door looking for him, the evening went to the stars to see the moon.

  Pei Naochun idea quite simple, since the other side is so fond of beautiful sister and look at the moon, then have a look?Just hope he can really see pleasant eveni南宁桑拿ng, to see wonderful.
  In the novel, several women inside were already late when they meet, some love deep-rooted species, some big belly children are born.Li Haoran and then the business has been as large as beyond imagination, to go abroad, to buy the founding of the island, whether for love, for children, for money, women who eventually chose the peaceful coexistence.
  At this time may be different, women and men should have most of you would know a half months, the feelings go there, not to the extent inseparable, the male although the money, nor can the people he was willing to do the harem, so the degree lover, how can I do so smoothly?
  Tao Pei laughing constantly looking at their own father, was helpless, though that is Naochun Pei focus on their own, can this behavior really is not very good – Tao Pei now only know each o都市兔兔ther is male slag, which know Haoran in life and in past lives can Kazuo create a system under a harem wife, night life, and even abandoned many of the harsh reality of it sister?If you know, maybe she would silent thumbs-up, to say that, scared forever!
  Li Haoran never thought a company can have in front of so man广州桑拿y people, he paid to have two to three million, slightly finally settle the matter, the crowd dispersed, he is faced with four face indignation sister, he full of despair, but soon perk –
  All right, I have money, I can send a gift, send the house, sending the car, in case the other party is really not accepted, he may find reserve army!More money, he did not really afraid of Valentine!
  Li Haoran may not know, he soon found that women did not, the money no one, after all, some people, things always do in t