he end is to implement the knowledge, or to go do, or to go completely eradicated.

  God Hao Goldfinger this system, and other special abilities, like, not a closer look, go out to spend much money, how much money can be returned, even later at every turn 10 billion hundreds of billions of megabytes of money, a lot of people only see the return of the money back , but forgot to get the money will create profits equally, to the late novels, men should even be able to issue their own currency founding –
  The problem came, for no reason so much more liquidity in the market, will not be inflation, price rise it?
  The answer is yes.
  Of course, t北京夜网hat time the male has Paipaipigu, self-built national harem three thousand on the island, enjoy life, and he took out a steady stream of money, but still affecting everyone’s life.
  Pei Naochun did not do anything, he just took some trace the source of thought, after all the money gambling sites each with a piecemeal effort, more professional than this system, liar wisdom found in the end, found – this simply out of nothing, lucrative good deal.
  God Hao system directly break the bank system, change a few basic account balances, transfer of constantly split, transfer, split, after circulating several times, dignitaries have come at finding out, just thought it was normal data transfer over, he not forget to erase the background, a lot of deleted traces of the transfer, even if the real problem was found, over and over again will only i苏州夜网nto a dead end after another.
  As the 21st century standards of good citizen – he has by virtue of gambling network, access to a number of Ministry of Public Security, the national joint recognition, hitting four pests of what microblogging site, regarded as the benchmark figure he repeatedly praised it!Pei Naochun doing my part, to report this behavior, and now you want to stand idly by artificial mentally retarded (yes, 009 insisted that he produced artificial artificial intelligence should change