their name to mental retardation, Pei Naochun is a good man, begins him) implanted advanced tools similar to reptiles, to God he followed the ho system, step by step report.

  Of course, these days, chances are Haoran still can not find the problem, can be two days, he will find that he can not get a penny.
  God Hao system ca南宁夜生活网n protect his sight not to be found, but there is no way to extract money under surveillance to prevent sticking, national institutions artificial retarded.
  Pei Naochun did not intend to do anything to Haoran, in fact, this God-ho system, to some extent, be regarded as a “lottery” kind of come out of the windfall, but it’s not a simple little lottery, the amount of large, beyond people’s imagination, it may in the final analysis, also claim to be the other’s opportunity.
  But this opportunity to develop in the end, inevitably affect the lives of most people back, anyway, when the last generation to dissipate the original body of the soul, the other party may also alive and well, will be able to watch live long lives.
  He recognized each other money now available, but all stop here.
  If you really have the ability to Li H北京风月网aoran, about to listed companies alone he founded, bought numerous properties with cash flow, it has been enough for him to at least third and fourth generation to live comfortably, but if he can not afford, then sorry to say goodbye.
  And Pei Naochun, the old, deep power and name, quietly accompany his wife and daughter, living their easy life.
  What good and the bad, I do not care about him, are KL piece to do and that’s it.
  Pei Naochun concern Haoran how did he know, and soon after, the other side of the capital chain seems to have been affected, the company did not make it to market, but still with a firm foothold in the original foundation, but it is only a firm fills again rare to deposit into.
  Li Haoran hooked female anchor who is and Pei Naochun live with a platform, a few years later, he heard that female anchor an