d anchor with the website of the game got married, the wedding live, viewers get a lot of attention ; whereas, the actress Lim children, fame took a lot of drama, and later married a little open, quit acting, no longer heard the name.Other girls little-known, Pei Naochun did not re-read the news about them.

  And Pei peach, it touches really become a strong woman, she was the boss to stay, not to leave the company, the company’s second in command, helped preside over the work, although powerful style of play, can pursue her man no less, and she, unlike previous life original body memory of it, always frosty, but rather made laugh Yan Yan, “kills”, was also under a lot jokingl广州桑拿y called for the Devil.
  - So, Pei Naochun has also been said many times Wu Liping, the other over and over again at home talking about, said Pei Naochun alert everywhere, actually want to marry her daughter, Pei Naochun of course guarantee immediately, even if true daughter to marry him also raised!Then he was greeted by the woman is the combination of doubles, Wu Liping shouting, your daughter did marry, these words almost laughable to Naochun Pei Pei peach is whining complain, my father did not think you actually hold anything against me marry do not go out, he gave in, and said he must support her daughter get married right away, and then another good meal “insult”, he had obediently zipped mouth, silent.
  Who told her daughter that year rotten peach, really is he single-handedly strangle it?
  This family was not long before th上海夜网e war, he met Pei Tao favorite people – coincidentally, this time the other party or cooperative company owner, he at first sight Pei peach, repeatedly pursuit, in order to curry favor with Pei Naochun also stay he hit Landlords half a month, the results in its own mental arithmetic ability, the fastest speed of 北京SPA会所the joy of beans Pei Naochun win light, has been successful future father finally pulled the black day to show encouragement.
  Two people of equal skill, experi