ence similar, come together, although worth the money, but a lifetime of loyalty to each other, care.

  Pei Naochun then with his wife, along with the beginning of spring stationery and stationery Tiantao open for a long time, until the two men苏州夜网 too old to walk, and only the repeated request of peach Pei, the shop entrusted to someone else.
  In this life, Pei Wu Liping Naochun always pay attention to the body, physical examination every year do not say, even a little uncomfortable, he drove his pickup truck dangling, took her to see a doctor, she doe苏州桑拿网s not like the untimely death last generation , live for a long time, but rather Pei Naochun are ahead.
  When dying, has not had the strength to speak, Pei Naochun bouncing grabbed his wife and daughter, hands, three hands clasped together: “I really changed, is not it?When it comes to do.”
  Pei peach out of tears, and her mother nodded, clinging to their lives occupy a very important position of men: “ah, you changed, you really changed.”
  ”I did not lie to you, did not lie to you.”He kept repeating and closed my eyes, this is the original body obsession, after infected with gambling addiction, he always lied to, used to trample the heart of his wife and daughter, the last run did not come back, not his wife her husband, daughter, dad gone, leaving Oliver bounds, unlimited debt.
  He said do not bet, and he really changed, a lifetime t都市夜网o prove.
  Pei peach covered in a hand on his father’s eyes, hands full of cold body temperature, husband behind and hugged her and gave her warmth, her tears fell too turbulent.
  [Fifth assessment in the world, qualified test results.]

Chapter 48 hidden legitimate son of superstar (a)?(three)
  Familiar dark space, in the eyes of the visitors was a new.
  Pei Naochun with soul looked at each other across each other quite a while nobody opening responsibly say that the soul of this time appears, is a rare handsome, though on the point of age, but still picturesque facial features, slender limb