s, body fat, thin, fit, vaguely estimated figure come wrapped in casual clothing.

  ”you are.”That soul suddenly spoke up, his bright eyes blinked,” Well, is anyone else does not matter, as long as you can help me.”He seemed indifferent, like, stuck in the pocket, with his nice voice, gently drive their own stories to come clean –
  Pei Naochun this time to enter the world, is built on the world’s a male host novel called “legendary life”, tells the story of the hero to overcome many obstacles 苏州桑拿to overcome male match, Outrageous and successful ascent entertainment, the story of the achievements of a legendary life.
  The men were defeated with, is the son of the original body, Qinxing Yang – the story but also from a long time ago.
  Original body was born in an ordinary family, all the way step by step, up school, 苏州龙凤网high school before graduation, the students accidentally photographed him lying in the back of a sleepy photos, secretly uploaded to the Internet, sunshine, desk, handsome boy, everything just right, this photo to his once famous the world to know, and soon there will be economic company of fashion, home sign, holding him into the circle, the other quite the patience, the wheel came several times, and soon convinced the original body of parents, so he signed a brokerage contract, became a Star-entertainment company owned by the other party as agreed said the same, and soon arranged for him and the company, another trainee jump combination consisting of a double debut singing idol.
  He and his teammates looks excellent, although singing in general, can barely be considered KTV level, and then with the saliva song, music and danc深圳桑拿网ing, backed by Star-class entertainment company that tree, he hit it big debut a few years, become the line idol group, and two fans, but also the circle out of the crazy names, with the film, chasing private, car chases nothing to quit, forcing two xiaonianqing is no private space.
  There is talk Sheng will decline, in the entertain