“You should ask your brother-in-law for advice first.。”

After a while,Yang Shiyun spoke。
“correct,Where did Qin Liang go??at this time,He should discuss this with us。”
Chen Hao’s tangled question。
“do not know,I just focused on Xiaoxue,Didn’t pay attention to other things at all。”
Shen Ruoxi shook her head and replied。
“You give him a call,Call him over,Taking advantage of Xiaoxue’s absence,So we can quickly discuss。”
Chen Hao immediately suggested。
So Shen Ruoxi took out the phone obediently,Called Qin Liang……
Qin Liang is concentrating on being a stalker,Phone vibrates,Shocked him,He took out the phone and saw the electric display,See it was from Shen Ruoxi,Only then hastily slowed down,Hide behind a big tree,This is the call。
“Where are you?”
As soon as the call is connected,Shen Ruoxi’s voice immediately rang from the phone。
“I’m following Xiaoyun, Xiaoxue and others secretly。”
Qin Liang replied in a low voice。
“You are following them?why?Where are they going?”
Shen Ruoxi immediately became nervous again instinctively,Can’t wait to ask……
“They didn’t go where,Just wandering around,I guess Xiaoyun will tell Xiaoxue the matter tonight,I worry if Xiaoxue gets emotional,Xiaoyun and the three can’t subdue her,So I followed them secretly,If something happens like this,I will protect Xiaoxue immediately,But you can rest assured,until now,They are still chatting and laughing,Xiaoxue shows no signs of abnormality。”
Qin Liang patiently reported the situation to Shen Ruoxi。
“Oh,Then you continue to follow them,Any words,I’ll talk when you come back。”
Shen Ruoxi replied immediately。