Stylists are also one of the most commonly used in Oujia,Often tossed by Ou Zhaozhao,but,The little princess has always been kind and kind,As long as it fits her aesthetics,She is not picky about how she wears it。Today is the first time the little princess made a request,however,Even more exotic than her mother’s。

after all,Ms. Ou Zhaozhao is the one who asked to wear colorful purple。
As for this sister,Very cute sister.
The father of Ou has always loved the little princess the most,Even if the little princess dresses like a brother,He can probably blow with his eyes closed。
Stylist thought for a while,Hug the tablet directly and quickly,Got a few styling pictures,Hairstyle is double ponytail。
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Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Two Missed appointment
Ruan Jing and Baby Ou are wondering,Why is a double ponytail?
Although the stylist is dressed in fancy,But he is a straight man of steel,Pointing to the pattern,“If i have a sister,I wish she had this hairstyle。”
“.”Ruan Jing glared at the stylist,Rude,This is our little princess,Euclidean children。
Baby Ou stared at the pattern carefully,Refers to the fur on clothes and various hair balls,“This kind of,Also looks like a cute sister?”It feels like a hairy ball.
Stylist scratching his head,“Who hates furry.”It’s definitely not about the hair control!!!
Baby Ou nodded,Makes sense。Wear it in a style that will never be hated,It must be very safe,“That’s it,You help me find one。”
Clothing is readily available,The stylist quickly found several sets。
Ou Zhaozhao came over after the phone call,I decided to follow in the footsteps of my girl,Let the stylist make them women’s dresses。
Wait for Yuze to come,Looks like my mother and sister who came out of the second element,Holding the door frame for a while dizzy,Is this to recognize the clothes you should wear???
But his opinion is for nothing,Just shut up,And strongly rejected Ou Zhaozhao’s suggestion to make him wear the same,I chose a super ordinary suit。
Huaiye guards the company,You can wear it whatever you want。He wouldn’t wear a mother-and-child costume anyway。