”Is such that,This time, the Military Commission wants to prepare a burial ceremony for the martyrs of the Dark Thorn Brigade,At that time, we may raise donations for the martyrs who died!”

Li Qianhui swept away the haze on his face,Hurriedly said,”The Military Commission also opened up an opportunity,Let high-quality enterprises in the capital voluntarily sign up for this funeral ceremony。Volunteer to participate in this fundraising activity,As the first business group in Beijing,I naturally want to participate in this event!”
Speaking of”Beijing First Commercial Group”when,Li Qianhui’s tone is full of arrogance,This is really not blowing,Their Li Group really deserves this”Beijing First Commercial Group”Name!And no one can challenge their business status,At least not now!
of course,He is very clear inside,The biggest credit here goes to Mo Xiaosheng。
“Actually, it’s not just collecting donations for the martyrs who died in the Dark Sting Brigade,It is also a fundraiser for the martyrs of China。The donation is in addition to subsidies for the survivors of martyrs,It will also be used to recuperate the nursing home for the survivors of martyrs、school、A series of resettlement projects such as nurseries!”
Li Qianying quickly added to her brother’s words,If it’s just for the dead martyrs of the Dark Sting Brigade,,You don’t need to be so inspiring,The Military Commission and the Propaganda Department want to pass this event,Carry forward the spirit of the martyrs,At the same time, a large-scale donation is also carried out for all the survivors of martyrs who have died for the country.,To improve the quality of life of the martyrs’ survivors。
Mo Xiaosheng nodded,Said,”This kind of activity is meaningful,We do have to actively participate!”
”Yes,This is a good opportunity for our group to become famous!”
Li Qianhui said cheerfully,“Niche,You do not know,I received news from a few mainstream media friends,The documents have been distributed to them above,Tell them to reject all leave requests during this period,Start preparations in advance,Prepare for this event,It can be seen how much attention was paid to this event last time。Then it will naturally be promoted throughout the network,The attention is naturally very high!”
As a businessman,Li Qianhui’s business sense is very strong,He can predict in advance that this event is a very good opportunity,If they can successfully participate。Win the limelight,Can greatly improve their corporate image,Then it will bring huge economic benefits!
Mo Xiaosheng shook his head and smiled when he heard this.,Naturally, I also understood Li Qianhui’s intentions,Obviously, I want to take advantage of this event to make a good advertisement for the Li Group and the biological engineering project。Respond to Li Qianhui,”Fame,It doesn’t matter whether it is effective or not,I just want to do something for these martyrs,Do some meager efforts!”
Mo Xiaosheng sighed softly,With deep emotion,Actually, how can there be absolute peace and stability in this world now?,It is these iron-blooded soldiers,Covered all the darkness for hundreds of millions of compatriots。
If Mo Xiaosheng didn’t touch these,Maybe he will have nothing to do with him like all ordinary people,Live a peaceful life without any psychological burden,But now it’s different,Now that he understands、Touched,Then he must do his best to contribute his own strength。
”Just,Mr. Mo。Your idea is right!”
Li Qianying nodded in agreement,Then he pouted and complained to his brother,”My brother doesn’t do anything else all day long,All I think about is interest, interest, interest!”
”Do not……Do not,You misunderstood,I’m not satisfied that my mind is all about profit!”
Li Qianhui looked anxious when he saw this,Hurriedly explained,”What did I mean?,It means that we are doing our best for the martyrs,By the way, I can also advertise my company,By the way……By the way……”