Leading heart standing up,Go outside the temple,After looking for a http://www.hrbguangri.cn circle, I saw the fat body under the tree.。

Then I took a dagger,Into the temple,Close the door。
Lin looked up and laughed:
“Have seen it?”
“You do a good thing you do,I can’t put you.。”
“Rare?Do not mention。This woman is also like this.?”
“Be right。”
Lin ring。
Take it on the hanging rope。
“You want to die?dream,Laozi let you。”
I didn’t have time to http://www.ccyhg.cn finish the words.,The rope on the neck is quietly suspended on the gap。
“Big brother。”
“what happened?”
How do they still figure out what happened?,Just feel that the neck is tight,Immediately,It was also hanging on the roof。
have to say,Slim rope is really easy。
Cut the strength of the strength,easy and convenient。
The four people hang struggled in the roof and gradually moved after half a day.。
Lin ring recovery,Crazy woman who is lying on the floor。
Such a big movement is not waking up?It’s really a crazy woman。
“already dead。”
Lin responds too incredible,How to die?Before?Is it scared by yourself??Can’t!
Watermouth explanation:
“When she is alive, she has already laminated oil.,I see the five hunters have been dead now.,At that breath。”
“This http://www.maicaima.cn woman is really too pitiful。”
“I don’t know what happened, let her become like this.。”
Lin longs, exhibition sleeves,Take out two fragrant,Ignite before walking into the fire,Come to the corpse,He said to the water:
“I want to touch the dead。”
Watermouth is surprised,But there is nothing to ask,Waiting from the temple。
Lin rang in the woman’s parallel feet, plugged in two。
“I have to see what happened to you.。”
Start from your legs,Touching your arms together。
Finally is the chest。
Lin ring,Take out a book。
(Surnamed seedlings,Nameless,year19age。
She is a southerner,Family,Marrying a specialty of the most popular local learning,The third year,Miao’s peers is not expensive。