Goldao Rong’s face has a strong bitter,Can’t repent。

I can’t help but ask.,“Why do you want to be against summer??”
“She said that in addition to the respect of the court,There are also three major gods,As long as the person gets three gods,I can not only swallow the Baihua Group,Important,I will get a serum that extends life.,Minimizes can live more than ten years……”
Fall into the voice,Head tapped a cold air。
He has a little hate iron innead,“Young master,IMHR,You are pitted by young ladies。”
Jin Yourong figure is stiff,Come to the eye,Zhang Zhangzhu,But I don’t know how to open it.。
“Ten thousand steps,Summer is killed,Lady also got four gods,Young master, you also swallowed the Baihua Group,And the serum of extended life,This should be the best result.。”
Daddy looks straight into Jin Marrong,“But you think,Summer death,His mother will not go crazy.,Moreover, the capital is still a summer red dress.,And Make,You annex the Baihua Group,Is the target that young lady pushed out!”
Jin Yourong caught in silence。
Big head,“Young master,It’s still coming now.,Summer this person, I still deliberately,He is not an indifferent person,And willing to give a friend to retreat,Be as before,Since he is coming,Explain that you have exposed,Neither you move you,Did not have a lady,Why don’t you give you a chance?。”
Toned,Also,“If you say it is welcome.,Whether you,Still less wife,Even the golden home,And Guwu Shijia White Home,In the eyes of summer,It’s really like an ants.,Important,Once our people have brought to the game of those major people,Really die, I don’t know how to die.。”
Jin Youlong laughs,“let me think again……If I am back now,How to do Salsa?She will definitely not give up,And I guess,She will not spare no effort to kill the summer……”
His shape is trembled,I don’t dare to continue.。
the other side。
Summer is like a leisure,Walking at the street in the noisy area。
He is ready to last for a few days in Su。
It is to tell White Shasha and Jinborong.,He is here,If you want to kill him, even。
And it is clear that it has conveyed a message.。
I know that white family participates in this matter.,Just look at how white family chooses。
If it is white home to become a discard,That’s nothing to say,Kill。
If the white family wants to be alone,Summer is just sweeping all the white family。
Jinmen White,He has long seen it.。
White family,The more stuffed things。
He is completely bait,Whether can’t catch up,Still Wang Temple,He is not lost。
As for Jino Rong……Summer thinks he is not a main point,If the other party can seize the opportunity,He also doesn’t mind letting you put it again.。
Ametry,Whether gold houses or white houses,They ran and can’t run the temple.。
Nothing recently in the summer,I am still idle.,Don’t mind play with the other party。
only——His leisure mood,I was disrupted by a phone in the middle of the night.。
The phone is still the thunderous,And bring a bad news。
“Boss,I am talking about it now.,Said that Xia Yi was hit hard,I was defeated by Lingtian and a mysterious master.,Live in the residence。”