Chinese medicine health misunderstanding


Chinese medicine health misunderstanding

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With the continuous improvement of material living standards, people pay more attention to the health of the body. Therefore, the demand for nutrition students is becoming more and more urgent. The ways and methods of health care are more numerous. Many of them are based on the trust of Chinese medicine.Chinese medicine health.

However, because some people’s knowledge of Chinese medicine is short and lacks in taste, they often go into the misunderstanding of traditional Chinese medicine.

Is it necessary to make up for health?

Can not simply supplement the health, expensive Chinese medicine is not necessarily suitable for your economic conditions, many people choose to “tonic health.”

A variety of valuable Chinese medicines, such as velvet, Cordyceps, American ginseng, Korean ginseng and other drugs, or soaked in water, or soaked in wine tonic.

These drugs are indeed very expensive, and they are indeed tonics, but some people just miss a point – is the body needed?

Generally speaking, most healthy people do not need to make up, just like a tire filled with gas. If you continue to compress it, the result is terrible.

Many people will say that my body is sub-healthy.

At present, due to the increasing pressure from various aspects such as society and family, as well as the combined effects of various factors such as environmental pollution and food additives, many people’s bodily functions are in a sub-health state, such as fatigue, sweating, insomnia and many other dreams.For all kinds of symptoms, you can choose Chinese medicine for conditioning at this time.

However, due to the lack of knowledge of Chinese medicine, many people often think that fatigue is qi deficiency, sweat is yin deficiency or qi deficiency, insomnia and more dreams are qi deficiency or blood deficiency, etc., of course, choose Chinese medicine tonic, and thus more and more virtual.

The application of traditional Chinese medicine has strict standards. Zhang Zhongjing’s “Treatise on Febrile Diseases” is very important. One principle is that “there is evidence that it is a medicine”, and our so-called qi deficiency syndrome, blood deficiency syndrome, yin deficiency syndrome, yang deficiency syndrome is a Chinese medicine practitioner.After a patient’s expectation, smelling, asking, and cutting four diagnoses, a judgment caused by comprehensive analysis is not simply applied, so it cannot be simply supplemented to maintain health.

Chinese medicine has no formaldehyde?

Treating diseases is to use the bias of drugs to adjust the function of the human body. It is more and more aware of the substitution of various drugs and biological agents. More and more people choose Chinese medicine, and the promotion of many medical products almost ignores the replacement of traditional Chinese medicine.To give people a sense that “Chinese medicine is purely natural and Chinese medicine is harmless.”

We should know that the traditional Chinese medicine under the guidance of TCM theory is a drug. One of the most important basic ideas in the treatment of the disease is to use the bias of the drug to adjust the deviation of the human body function. Therefore, the drug itself isThere is a therapeutic effect, although according to modern pharmacological research, most Chinese medicines have no liver and kidney toxicity, but it does not mean that it has no side effects.

This means that if the Chinese medicine is not applied properly, it will also cause damage and deviation of the body function.

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