[How to make flat cakes delicious and fluffy_How to make flat cakes fluffy]

[How to make flat cakes delicious and fluffy_How to make flat cakes fluffy]

People in the northern regions are generally better at baking pancakes than people in the southern regions, because the northern regions are primarily pasta-based.

And people who have been to the north should know that the flavor of the pancake in the north is really good, and the method of making the pancake is very simple, so you can make the pancake at home if you have the conditions, butHow can I make the pancakes soft and delicious if I make them at home?

Want to make pancakes delicious, soft and multi-layered ingredients: 400 grams of flour, 90 ml of boiling water, 90 ml of cold water.

1. First, pour the flour into a basin.

2. Separate the flour, half with boiling water and noodles, and the other half with cold water and noodles, all together into a dry flour-like shape, put together and knead into a smooth dough, wake up for 1 hour.

Production summary 1, boiling water must use boiling water.

2, the benefits of using boiled water and cold water together, boiled water can effectively stimulate the flour density, but also the key to the softness of pancakes.

3, with cold water and noodles, relatively hard.

Blend boiling water and noodles with cold water and noodles together, so that the dough comes out, which is soft and hard.

The baked cakes are soft and layered and not hard.

4, Another trick is that (when turning the pancake, every time you have a small brush, brush evenly with a layer of oil) will also help pancake out of the layer.

Extended information Method 1 of pancakes. Ingredients: 100 grams of flour. Auxiliary materials: half a bowl of hot water, two spoons of salt. Method 1. Melt the salt in hot water, then add the flour to a snowflake shape 2 and cover with freshness.The membrane is fermented for 30 minutes. I ‘m too hungry. I ca n’t wait for 20 minutes to ferment. 3, spread the oil on the surface, roll it up, and roll it up. 5. In fact, I do n’t need to worry too much about how to roll it correctly.Bake the oil on the bottom of the pan and bake it flat.