After Yajuan and Feng Ran respected the leaders,The banquet is over,After all, all the words of farewell and thanks,The formal banquet at noon has already been said,So this meal is over soon。

Several small cars run by the municipal party committee have parked at the door long ago,Fan Weidong is greeting Dang Wei to get on the bus,They are the last night in Kangzhou,Tomorrow morning,Kangzhou’s car will send them back to Beijing,The bald secretary also drove back to Jin’an overnight。After sending away the guests,Zhong Mingyi shook hands with the people from the Radio, Film and Television Bureau one by one,Jiang Fan said:“Wen Ju,So many beauties, if you can’t get in your car, just go to our car evenly,Yajuan rides in Secretary Zhong’s car。”
Zhong Mingyi’s driver listened,Immediately open the door for Yajuan,Yajuan sat in,The car drove out of the yard。
Wen Qingxuan said:“Xiaoding and Feng Ran take my car。”
Li Li said:“Feng Ran and I all the way,I send Feng Ran,You send Xiaoding and Xiaosu。”Xiaosu is the hostess of the variety show。
Ding Yi and Xiaosu got in Wen Qingxuan’s car。Jiang Fan’s car drove out the gate first。
At the door of the unit,Ding got out of the car,Wen Qingxuan’s car drove away,Also give Xiao Su。。
Ding Yigang is going in,I heard the beeping,She took a look,It’s Jiang Fan:Wait for me by the national highway。
Ding Yi smiled,Just go back again,She started playing drums in her heart,Don’t run into Wen Qingxuan’s car head on。Out of the alley,Standing by the national highway,It’s dark all around,It’s just the light from the cars passing by。Look left and right,Hope Jiang Fan will be there soon,One is cold,The second is a girl standing on the side of the road in the middle of the night,It is indeed easy to cause people’s associations。After a while,Jiang Fan’s car came from the opposite direction,So he won’t run into Wen Qingxuan’s car head-on。
The front door opens from the inside,Ding Yi sat in。“So warm!”Talking,Put his hands on the air outlet。
Jiang Fan glanced at her,Did not speak,Step on the accelerator,The car rushed out。
Bring Ding Yi to his residence again,Jiang Fan hesitated for a moment,He looked around,Park the car at the side door as usual,Then wrapped her in a coat and ran upstairs。
Arrived at Jiang Fan’s room,Jiang Fan locked the door,Hugged her,And kissed her,Holding her back to the bed。
Familiar faint taste of wine,Drunk each other,Ding Yi found that Jiang Fan was extremely excited tonight,He is panting,Kiss her passionately,Without waiting for her to take off her coat,Just press her on the bed,Until she can’t breathe,He just let go of her lips。
Ding Yi touched his thick hair,Watching him close his eyes,Said softly:“what happened?”
Jiang Fan said:“A little dizzy。”
Ding Yi held his head,Put him on his chest,Said:“The reason you drink……”She didn’t finish her words,His mouth was sealed again by him。
Ding Yi wears a coat,I was a little out of breath under pressure,She struggled,Jiang Fan let her lips go,Put your face on her face,Hold her tightly,not talking。
Ding Yi felt that Jiang Fan was a little abnormal,Just said:“Get up。”
Jiang Fan shook his head。