“Do not……No way!”

Song Junming’s face changed now!After all, the man in black is much scarier than Yang Shiyun!If it’s like Liu Jian said,Those in black are also looking for“Skin monkey”if,Then this thing is terrible!
“I think it’s possible!They took such a big risk to go to the hospital and attack the police,I almost cut Ryoko again,Isn’t it to track down the monkeys?,It’s impossible to just give up!What do you say?”
Worthy of being a policeman,Liu Jian’s inference is still very professional。
“How the hell i know!”
Song Junming can’t lie down anymore,Simply turned over and sat up from the bed,Reach out and grab a cigarette from the bedside cabinet,I took out one and lighted it and held it on my mouth,Sucked。
“We have to be more careful!Not only can’t the police find the monkey,And also can’t let those in black find the monkey。”
Liu Jian said firmly。
“nonsense!Of course!Do you still use it??”
Song Junming replied impatiently。
“Leave a gun for the monkey,He can be used to save his life at critical times……”
Liu Jian cautiously suggested。“Are you stupid?Do you think that if those people in black really come here,Monkeys can protect themselves with a gun?Even if he has a machine gun in his hand, it’s useless!Those in black are obviously professional killers,It’s not a matter of minutes for them to deal with monkeys!Don’t say yes
Monkey,Even if we count the two of us together,He’s not a match for those people!”
Song Junming said clearly,He’s not benzene,He can still figure out such a simple question。