5 kinds of medicinal teas in winter are healthy and cold


5 kinds of medicinal teas in winter are healthy and cold

What to drink in winter?

This is very important, hot and healthy drinks are necessary for winter, which not only resists cold, but also prevents diseases.

Drinking hot tea is the best way. We can selectively drink green tea, black tea, black tea, and flower tea according to the individual’s physical needs.

These teas have some effect?


Green tea green tea has not been fermented, maintaining the inherent green color, the rope is tight and smooth, the soup is clear and green, the tea is thick and fresh, and the convergence performance is strong.

Green tea contains vitamin C and tea polyphenol oxide, health care, pharmacological effects are good, whether it is antibacterial, anti-radiation, prevent hardening of blood vessels, lowering blood fat, or ascending blood leukocytes, the effect is better than other tea species.

Green tea can effectively inhibit the formation of nitrosamines in human body, and anti-cancer effect triggers black tea, but it is generally believed that the elderly should not drink green tea, especially those with habitual constipation, should not drink green tea, because drinking green tea often increases constipation.
Young men and women in puberty are suitable for drinking green tea.

Text workers should drink green tea.


The black tea and black tea are fully fermented, characterized by the color and darkness, and the knot is tight; the tea soup is deep orange or golden yellow, the black tea can strengthen the stomach, diuretic, anti-aging, and the scientific research unit found in the study of screening anti-aging drugs by using life test.The role of black tea in extending life is very significant.

It is most suitable for manual workers to drink black tea. It is best for women to drink black tea and brown sugar after childbirth.


Oolong tea oolong tea is a semi-fermented tea with both black tea and green tea. It has both black tea and green tea.

It is mellow and mellow, thick and not damp, and fragrant.

Oolong tea contains less caffeine, suitable for both men and women, and has obvious diuretic effect. It is also a good medicine for weight loss.


Black tea and black tea are generally pressed into tea bricks, and the varieties include flower bricks, blue bricks, volt bricks, Kang bricks, rice bricks, black bricks, enamel, cake tea and the like.

Black tea has a better effect of lowering fat and reducing weight. It is especially popular for nomadic people who mainly eat cattle and sheep. It has a good preventive effect on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia and coronary heart disease.

It is said that young French women like to drink Chinese Pu’er tea, which means Pu’er tea is 鈥渟craping oil tea鈥?and 鈥渟limming tea鈥?


Huachahuacha is a reprocessed tea made from green tea with fragrant flowers.

The tea is characterized by aroma, the soup is clear, the taste is strong, fresh and not turbid, the fragrance is not floating, and it has the dual functions of flowers and tea.

Chinese northerners generally like to drink tea.

Flower tea has evacuated liver detoxification, qi and regulate menstruation, middle-aged women in menopause and girls before and after menstruation, emotions are often irritated, drinking tea can help ease.

Patients with liver disease, prostatitis or prostatic hypertrophy are suitable for drinking tea.