“Yup,Moreover,Reaction speed for Gongbao,Are you in your heart??Is this possible to react??”

“What mean, what is it?,Can you come to understand the explanation?。”
“Attempt,Don’t you understand this??brother,Palace treasure this wave operation is opened,It’s completely in the seduce.。”
“Yup,If he doesn’t give Gario open,How can this wave group battle??”
“Yup,And the reaction speed of Gongbao,Not also launched in the back of the purification second solutionR,Then get the passing of two skills to get verified??”
“really,This is not difficult to understand, I think,This wave really understands,Does Palace Bao have been seduce??”
“That is indeed,I like to play with my meat.,Ha ha ha ha。”
“Oh,It turned out to be such a thing,I thought that the Palace’s response speed suddenly issued a problem.,If this is the case, it will be。”
“it’s okay no problem,This is likely to have problems.,It is not that after the last palace is sick.,IGHave you paid more than a team doctor in your team??Check the body every day。”
“Boss!Enough enough to pay attention to the player’s body。”
After this wave of war,IGSituation on the field,Directly came to the advantage,They also take over more cheap。
Such as a plating,For example, wild resources。
but,Up to you can only do this.,Because of the time at this time,Even no more than ten minutes。
After this,The situation on the field continues to develop,butTLNot active,IGThe ability to fight in the top mid-mid-term is obvious to all,TLNot going to be a tack。
The tactical command made in the team,It is not to think about other times.,Try not to beIGGo on。
Under such a policy,even though13Minutes of the gorge pioneer group,They are just just trying to。
After seeing the situation,TLEveryone quickly chose to evacuate,Not giveIGThe opportunity of everyone who opened a group battle here。http://www.will-power.cn
to be honest,TLThe movement is very cautious,But this is also gradually embaraking the film for their situation.。
They don’t pick up,Then you must face it.IGStep by step。
In this situation,They can’t even make their own development andIGAchieve a flat。
Can only look at itIGInvading their wild,Step by step occupation。
andIGAll of this decision,It’s all in radicals with a robust style.。
A radical means that they often make,Some excess intrusion decisions。Stability,When they make these decisions,Usually will communicate completely,Then I determined the time when I won’t be hit.,I will go to the internship decision。
so,TLJust want to play a bad group of a wave of people to reverse the situation,It has become a less likely thing.。
Such situation,Continued until the field23minute。
At this point in http://www.yuanjingjiankang.cn time,TLThe disadvantage is a bit too big.。
As long as there is another wave of war,They areIGEveryone opened the mouth,They will directly fall into almost uncomfortable disadvantages.。
The head ratio on the field,This time is12:5,IGYes12。
TLEveryone is very sure,I can never continue to be opened again.,Otherwise they really don’t have to play.。
But sometimes this world is like this,What are you afraid of?,What is he getting more?。
Field23Minute15second,In the river of Dulongkeng mouth in the first half,TLThe auxiliary Gario and his wild excavator came to do their eyes.。
Before ten seconds,They capturedIGDouble group to return to the city together in the middle。