Peng Changyi smiled,I thought this might be the officialdom ecology at the township level,Far from being as quiet as the county level,Many people do not hide their political leanings,Likes and dislikes are in the light。

When Peng Changyi was still studying in the party school,Yao Bin heard that he was going to work in Beicheng,Just told him:“In the township,You will find,There are many things you don’t need to worry about,All in the clear,Who is related to whom is clear at a glance。
but,If you just believe in bright things,Sometimes I get hurt by cold arrows in the dark。
These two people in front of me,Peng Changyi knew their tendencies easily,He feels a little relaxed。
When I took office, I was still thinking about the temperaments of these team members.,Study their conflicts of interest,It seems obviously not used now,Everything is here。
After Liu Zhong and Tian washed away,Yao Jing called Peng Changyi,Congratulate him politely,And said that my sister works there,Please take care of him and other kind words。
After putting down the phone,Peng Changyi feels that Yao Jing is much better than before,Used to be the ice beauty in the eyes of many male teachers、White Swan,How many male teachers were happy to be able to talk to Yao Jing,Even Peng Changyi himself has a good opinion of Yao Jing,If it wasn’t for my father’s words,He is very likely to marry Yao Jing,In that case, there would be no later Shen Fang。
in the afternoon,Kou Jinghai called,He said he would bring people from the information department,Peng Changyi thought that the lotus village had not been resolved,Just say:“Brother is not an outsider,Drag it back。”
Kou Jinghai said:“Is it a complaint??That doesn’t affect drinking?”
Peng Changyi thought that the municipal party committee would know,Don’t tell me that it’s close to the city committee,Many people in the office are family members of the leaders of the municipal party committee and government agencies。
He said:“Secretary Zhu went to the city to report,I don’t know what to do,Besides, I was silly drinking at noon,Don’t run on me。”
Kou Jinghai says:“This is a big deal?。Ok,It’s because you drink so much that you have a big tongue,Another day, another day。”Talking,Take the phone。
It’s time for afternoon get off work,Zhu Guoqing hasn’t come back yet,Peng Changyi went home。
Shen Fang is very excited these days,Man promoted,She feels radiant on her face,Make an exception and complain that he drank so much。
With a smile on her face,Said:“Mom let me tell you,The background of people in Beicheng District is the most complicated,Maybe even the boiler burning has a background,Be careful when you speak and do things,What can’t be arbitrarily expressed。”
Peng Changyi knew about these things,He can’t refute his wife,After all, she went home full of alcohol and Shen Fang didn’t express any disgust,So he can’t break the harmonious atmosphere at home,Nodded with a good temper,Said:“Got it,I will pay attention。”
He saw his daughter put the book on the chair to read,Just moved in。
But my daughter immediately covered her mouth and said:“Daddy smelly。”
Peng Changyi laughed loudly。
Shen Fang suddenly remembered something,Head out,I saw Peng Changyi’s bicycle at the door,Just said:“You have to go out?”