Ye Tong is talking with a deputy director of the Development and Reform Commission.,She took the initiative to greet them after seeing Vice Governor Huang and them coming。

No matter how Ye Tong dresses up,She will reveal her nature as long as she speaks:“Still talking,After you brought me,Just throw me aside and ignore me,I have to go around by myself,Participated in several chambers of commerce,Then came here。”
“Ha ha,That’s because I am neglecting you, a returnee,how,You participated in the afternoon business invitation activity,Do you like it?”
Ye Tong looked at Jiang Fan and Guan Hao standing nearby,Nodded at them,He turned his attention to Peng Changyi behind the crowd,Said:“There are one or two places I like。”
“Oh,Which two places?”
Vice Governor Huang asked with interest。
Ye Tong looked at Peng Changyi avoiding her gaze,Just say:“This one,Can we not talk about it on this occasion today??”
“of course,of course,Haha。”Vice Governor Huang said with a smile:“Come,I will introduce you to some leaders,Are all heavyweight city leaders,This is Mayor Guan of Jin’an City Government。”
Guan Hao’s fit suit,Tall and capable,Extraordinary bearing,He took the initiative to reach out and said:“Director Ye,Hello there。”
Vice Governor Huang said:“You guys know?”
Guan Hao said:“Director of the reporter department of the provincial newspaper,Editor-in-Chief Ye’s daughter,Who doesn’t know?”
Ye Tong said:“Don’t mention that year,I almost died of anger from my dad back then。”
Vice Governor Huang said:“Xiaoye is now employed by a large US pharmaceutical company,In charge of investment in inland projects,Is the CEO of Inland Projects……”
“Is a small person in charge,Not a president。”Ye Tong flatly corrected,She has such a character。
Vice Governor Huang said:“I deserve to call you the president。”
Guan Hao shook hands with Ye Tong again,Said:“I hope to shake the baby out of your hand。”
Ye Tong smiled,Said:“I’m waiting for Vice Governor Huang to give me a policy。”
Vice Governor Huang smiled,Said:“Policy is not for me,Mayor Guan and they gave you。Come,I will then introduce you,This is Jiang Fan, Secretary of the Langzhu Municipal Party Committee,I see you,Consider Lang Zhu and Jin’an。”