Weight loss strategy: What can I lose at night?


Weight loss strategy: What can I lose at night?

First of all, if you feel very hungry, most women will buy something on the street casually, but some fast food, fried foods, etc. are relatively good, which is not good for health. In order to alleviate this situation, it is recommended to prepare a little emergency food in the office.Apples, oranges and other fruits are good choices. You can also prepare some dried fruits, like dried fruits, so that you won’t be particularly hungry. After you go home, you should pay attention to eating too much.

Second, many people like to eat supper, feel that they are off work, have time, and go out to eat with colleagues, such as spicy, hot pot, barbecue, etc., actually eat these things for dinner, not easy to digest,It has caused a burden on the stomach. Is it recommended to work overtime at night?
Add a little night owl between 10 o’clock, like porridge, these foods will not burden the stomach.

Third, women must have a good body, remember at night, can not eat too much cakes, etc., can eat some coarse grains, sweet potatoes, corn, etc. is a good choice, you can also drink soy milk, in addition to these porridgeDrinking is also a good choice, like oatmeal, black rice porridge, etc., both nutritious and easy to digest.

It is recommended to eat a staple food based on coarse grains and beans, plus a lot of vegetables.