“How did your wound get hurt?”

“This……This one……I got into a Huanghuali cabinet a few days ago and accidentally scratched it。”
Qin Zhi is not that silly and sweet,Judging from the shape of Chen Xiu’s wound, it is obviously caused by a sharp object such as a http://www.muyujob.cn knife.,How could it be injured by a blunt object like wood。
But he saw Chen Xiu hesitating to tell the truth,Don’t force him now。
“That line,You still have to treat this wound,Lest you get infected……Get in the car,Find a private hospital nearby,Let them disinfect for you。”
I’ll go to your hospital to help Chen Xiu treat the wound with iodophor,Another car was sent to send Chen Xiu back to his place。
Qin Zhi called the bodyguard leader and said:“What did Xie Zhou do??”
“Took it to the suburbs,Then warned them not to learn to show up in Ansan。”
“Ok,It’s enough http://www.yanshi99.cn for a few punks to teach them a lesson。”Qin Zhi nodded and said:“Go and check one more thing,I want to know exactly how Chen Xiu’s injury was caused……be quick,Give me the answer within two hours。”
Chen Xiu returned home,I was about to take out the notes Zhang Lao gave me,The phone rang。
“Chen http://www.azrat.cn Xiu,Open the door!I’m inside and outside。”