10 major health care must know the acupuncture points, parents collection!


10 major health care must know the acupuncture points, parents collection!

Moxibustion has continued since ancient times, and the hospital can’t solve it. The treatment has no fruit substitute, and it can solve it for you.

It is not too much to say that it can cure all diseases.

Moxibustion can not only prevent disease and health, but also health and beauty.

As long as women have correctly mastered the methods and acupuncture points of the treatment.

Here are some of the top 10 health care tips that you will know: 1.

Zusanli-Yearian Yishou Point[Positioning]: Located in the anterolateral aspect of the calf, 3 inches below the sacral acupoint, and a transverse finger to the outer edge of the skeletal bone.

[Function]: Adjust the body’s immunity, enhance the resistance, prevent aging, regulate the spleen and stomach, supplement the qi, pass through the vitality, disperse the wind and dampness, and help the evil.


Shenque-Buzhong Yiqi Point[Positioning]: Located in the middle of the abdomen, the center of the umbilicus.

[Function]: Guben Peiyuan, Huiyang rescuing, replenishing spleen and stomach, qi and intestines.


Guan Yuan – Pei Shen Gu Ben points[positioning]: located in the lower abdomen, the front midline, 3 inches below the umbilicus.

[Function]: It has the effect of cultivating kidney and strengthening the body, regulating the qi and returning to the yang.

It can enhance the function of the reproductive system, improve immunity, prevent aging, and treat all kinds of imaginary weaknesses.


Zhongmu-Jianpi Yiwei Point[Positioning]: Located in the upper abdomen, on the front midline, 4 inches above the umbilicus.

[Function]: Jianpiyiwei, cultivated the day after tomorrow.


Life Gate – Bushen Zhuangyang Point[Positioning]: Located at the waist, in the posterior midline, under the second lumbar spine.

Before and after the sacred acupoints, take a rope across the umbilicus horizontally around the abdomen, and the intersection with the posterior midline is the life gate.

[Function]: For those with insufficient kidney gas and deterioration of metabolism, they have the effect of solidifying the culture.


Yongquan-Qingdao Xingshen Point[Positioning]: Located at the bottom of the foot, when the foot is rolled, the front part of the foot is depressed.

The second toe of the sole, the first 1/3 of the third toe suture end and the heel are at the intersection of the last 2/3.

[Function]: Clearing the brain and refreshing the mind, calming the mind, clearing the heat and dispersing the wind.


Large vertebral body – clear heat solution surface point[positioning]: located in the posterior midline, the seventh cervical spine.

[Function]: Solve the heat of the table, disperse the wind and dispel the cold, calm the wind and relieve cough, soothe the nerves.


Quchi-Qingrejiedu Point[Positioning]: Located at the lateral end of the elbow transverse line, the elbow is bent at the midpoint of the interconnection between the ruler and the abdomen.

[Function]: Cooling blood and moistening, clearing away heat and detoxification.


Qihai-shengfayangqi points[positioning]: located in the front midline of the lower abdomen, the lower part of the umbilicus.

5 inch.

[Function]: Raise yang.


Sanyinjiao-Nianxueqiqi points[Positioning]: Located in the calf area, 3 inches above the reaming tip in the foot, and the rear bone is placed behind the edge.

[Function]: spleen and stomach, regulate liver and kidney, qi and blood circulation, Shujing Tongluo.