[Can milk be aphrodisiac]_Action_Efficacy

[Can milk be aphrodisiac]_Action_Efficacy

For men, physical health is very important, but some men are physically weak because they often stay up late or work, and they are also vulnerable to nervous breakdown or various body organs.

For men who have lost their masculinity, it is very necessary to add some food for impotence.

Milk is a very familiar drink.

Can milk be aphrodisiac?

Milk has the strongest natural effect. Milk has been loved by men and women since its creation. Here is a brief list of common hazards of milk: 1.

Potassium in milk stabilizes arterial blood vessels under high pressure and reduces the risk of stroke.

Milk can help prevent the body from absorbing the toxic metals lead and cadmium in food3.

Tyrosine in milk can promote a large increase in serotonin.

Iron, copper and lecithin in milk can greatly improve the efficiency of the brain.

Calcium in milk can strengthen bones and teeth and reduce the incidence of bone wasting. 6

Magnesium in milk makes the heart fatigue-resistant.

Zinc in milk can heal wounds.

Vitamin B in milk improves vision.

Drinking milk often can prevent arteriosclerosis10.

Milk has a high calcium content and is well absorbed11.

Drinking milk before bed can help sleep. Because of such benefits, men, women and children love milk, so for men who need kidney and aphrodisiac, can milk play a magical role?

Milk cannot be aphrodisiac. The protein, traces, and trace elements contained in milk have no direct complications for the male reproductive system, liver, and kidneys, and have been proven in many ways. For aphrodisiac and kidney, milk does not have any effect.

On the contrary, there is even a certain harm!

Recent studies abroad have found that prostate cancer is a common malignant tumor of the male reproductive system. A Boston research team conducted a step-by-step investigation of 20,885 male American physicians for up to 11 years. The dairy products mainly include skimmed milk and whole fat.Milk and cheese, among them, 1012 men developed prostate cancer.

After statistical analysis, it was found that the proportion of 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin d3 (which has an anti-prostate cancer effect) in the plasma of men who supplemented with 150 mg of calcium from dairy products per day was significantly lower than that of men who received 150 mg of calcium from dairy products.The danger rises by 32%.

After excluding factors such as age, weight, smoking, physical exercise, it was found that eating dairy products every day.

Men with 5 or more servings (equivalent to 240 ml of milk) and eating dairy products 0.

With a score of 5 or less, the risk of developing prostate cancer increased by 34%.

It can be seen that milk is a good thing for male impotence, so we recommend that you do not expect to drink milk for impotence, and then consider the uneven quality level of milk, including yogurt.

It is better to drink less milk or less!