[Can you eat persimmon with breast milk]_ Lactation period _ Can you eat it?

[Can you eat persimmon with breast milk]_ Lactation period _ Can you eat it?

Persimmon is an easily digestible fruit. Because the origin of persimmon is China, persimmon can be seen everywhere in the street in autumn.

The nutritional value of persimmon itself is also very rich, and the taste is also very good, which has led many people to eat persimmons.

Even some pregnant mothers who are still breastfeeding can’t help it, but does the pregnancy milk of persimmon affect?

Can some pregnant mothers who are still breastfeeding eat persimmons?

The most important task for lactating mothers is to ensure adequate milk and healthy milk. Therefore, women have many contraindications to postpartum diets during lactation. Now it is the season when fruits such as pomegranate and persimmon are on the market. Many mothers ca n’t help itEat a ban on eating “, does it affect your baby?

Abundant milk and healthy milk, so women have many contraindications to postpartum diets during breastfeeding. Now that pomegranates, persimmons, and other fruits are on the market, many mothers ca n’t help but “get away from eating.”Does it matter?

Take a look at the answer below.

First, persimmon encyclopedia introduction The origin of persimmon is in China. It has been cultivated for more than one thousand years. Its nutritional value is very high, and it contains vitamins and sugars about 1-2 times higher than ordinary fruits.

If a person eats one persimmon a day, the vitamin C absorbed can basically meet half of the daily requirement.

So eating some persimmons is very good for human health.

But can persimmons be eaten during lactation in special periods?

Detailed explanation below.

Second, experts explain whether lactating mothers can eat persimmons. Although persimmons have high nutritional value, for new mothers during special periods of lactation, eating more persimmons may have an impact on themselves and their babies. Therefore, we must avoid these.Things happen.

1. Impact on the new mother Persimmons will become constipated if they eat too much, and the new mother will feel uncomfortable. Moreover, everyone knows that persimmons contain substituted acids and pectin, which will coagulate after encountering gastric acid, and replace the epithelium and mucus in the stomach.And food residues, especially cellulose, glue together to form persimmon stone, which will eventually lead to persimmon stone disease.

2. Impact on the baby There is one item in the red and black list of maternal lactation diets: Avoid breastfeeding and over-alkaline, over-acid foods during lactation, and persimmons are hot and humid. Eating too much can easily cause milk back, and it may cause milkBaby eczema is also bad for your baby’s health.

Can I eat persimmons during lactation?

In summary, it is clear that lactating mothers can eat persimmons, but they must pay attention to the right amount, usually one day, it is best to not eat.